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Delhi food is an amalgamation of various traditional as well as modern Indian dishes. Starting from old street food to delicious continental food, Delhi cuisine has everything to offer. Delhi food has a bit of Punjabi, a dash of South Indian as well a variety of fast foods. Yet it retains a very unique spicy flavor of its own by which it is considered a quintenssial cuisine.

Though Delhi is not attributed with a single typical cuisine, the Mughlai cuisine is its most famed cuisine. Rich gravies with the subtle flavors of saffron and kebabs are the main characteristics of Delhi cuisine. Even street foods such as aloo tikki, papri chaat and samosa are some of the popular dishes that are equally liked by local as well as tourists to the city.

History of Delhi Cuisine
Delhi food is truly inspired by the Mughlai cuisine that includes the flavors of spices and ingredients used since the reign of Mughal empires. Food in Delhi is quiet inspired by the opulent tastes of Mughal Dynasty as the city was ruled by the Mughals for centuries.

The main cooking practice introduced by the Mughals is tandoori cooking that is the basis of the tandoori food in Delhi. An aroma of charcoal that is used in tandoor for cooking various foods is the typical feature of tandoori cooking.

Ingredients Used in Delhi Cuisine
Delhi food, being characterized by the Mughal cuisine is quiet rich, heavy and aromatic. The generous use of spices such as chili pepper, coriander powder and aromatic garam masala is the highlight of spicy dishes in Delhi.

For rich and flavorful gravies, milk, nuts, cream and butter are widely used. Saffron and rose water are occasionally added to create some delectable mutton and chicken dishes. Though Delhi food is ruled by the old Delhi charm, but use of Chinese as well as other ingredients from different cuisines is the best feature.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Delhi Cuisine
Though all cooking methods adopted for making Delhi food are typical like other cuisines such as frying, boiling, steaming and baking, the most practiced cooking methods are dum pukth and tandoori cooking. Both these methods are inspired by Mughlai cooking that bestows some delectable dishes such as tandoori chicken, dum biryani and dum gosht.

Places for Tasting the Best Delhi Food
Delhi food is incomplete without the mention of the old Delhi cuisine. That part of Delhi is the real hub of typical Delhi dishes. Famous paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk is the ultimate destination for tasting some of the best paranthas of Delhi. Delhi’s chaat is famous all over the world. Bengali Market and Chandni Chowk are famous places to savor spicy Delhi chaat.

Various local and five star eateries are also popular for serving authentic Delhi food. Some of them are as follows:

  • Bukhara – This is a high-rated restaurant in the premises of Maurya Sheraton hotel. Mughlai food is the speciality of this restaurant.
  • Delhi Ka Aangan – A speciality restaurant located in Hyatt Regency, a reputed five star hotel in Delhi. Serving traditional spicy Delhi food is the highlight of this place.
  • Gulati’s – A suburban restaurant in the midst of many local eateries at Pandara road specializes in tandoori dishes.