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Delhi Bread

Delhi bread refers to any variety of bread that is made in the city of Delhi and its suburbs. Most Delhi bread varieties are made from wheat or refined wheat flour called as maida. Yeast may or may not be added to the dough to make different varieties of breads. These breads are an integral part of Indian cuisine but a few flatbreads or leavened breads are common to Central Asia. In modern times, western whole-wheat bread along with white bread is also commonly consumed.

Delhi Bread Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Most varieties of these breads are cooked on a pan, or a griddle. Other varieties of breads are cooked in a large clay tandoor. This lends a distinctive smoky flavor to the breads. Wheat or refined flour may be used to make the breads. It is also common to find jowar, bajra, sorghum, maize, rice, and millet based breads. The actual ingredients of the dough and the cooking process depends on the recipe for the flatbread. Most of these recipes have remained unchanged over time.

Serving and Eating Delhi Bread

Delhi breads are usually served with gravies, curds or pickles at meals. Most north Indian meals will have atleast a one variety of flatbread served along with gravies.

Assortment of Delhi Bread Recipes

There are numerous varieties of breads that are served in Delhi The most common ones are as follows-

  • Rotis are traditionally made with whole-wheat flour, water, and oil.These are griddle fried with butter or with ghee.
  • Chapathis and Phulkas are thinner versions of rotis that are prepared without oil on griddles or on direct flames.
  • Deep fried chapathis or rotis are called as puris and are served at breakfast
  • Paranthas are prepared from refined flour, flavoring agents like ajwain, salt, pepper, etc. This variety of bread is usually folded multiple times and layered with butter or ghee. They are then pan fried with more butter or oil before serving.
  • Paranthas may also be filled with sautéed potatoes, onions, fenugreek, cauliflower etc to make flavored or filled paranthas.
  • Naans and tandoori rotis are breads made of leavened refined flour that is baked in a clay oven to form a flatbread.
  • Rice flour breads are more commonly prepared in South India called as appams, pathiri, rice rotis, appams, dosas, palappams etc. These are usually made of leavened or unleavened rice batter that is fried, bakes or steamed to make the rice breads.


Delhi has a very famous street called the Parantha Galli that serves several varieties of delicious Delhi bread are prepared by street vendors. This street is located near Natraj Café at the historic Chandni Chowk market, Old Delhi, India.