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Chicken Curry

Chicken curry has always held a high place in chicken recipes. This dish is indigenous to Indian cuisine and with its tempting looks and succulent texture of chicken in the curry rules the senses of chicken lovers across the world. Chicken curry recipes has many variants owing to the conventional as well as contemporary styles of cooking. Chili chicken curry, Goan chicken curry and chicken curry with cashews are among the most commonly cooked chicken curry recipes.

Origin of Chicken Curry

The origin of chicken curry belongs to the Indian Punjabi cuisine. The prominence of curry dishes in Indian subcontinent led to the development of chicken cooked in curry. South Asia as well as Bangladesh is also traced for the development of chicken curry recipes where the dish is being prepared with highly piquant ingredients.

Ingredients and Methods Used for Making Chicken Curry Recipes

A dish of spiced, tender chicken pieces with lots of onion, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste and yogurt, chicken curry is a North Indian staple. Chilies and whole spices including cumin, cinnamon along with cardamom are added to the curry as flavor enhancers. Pre-made curry powder is often used to make flavorful chicken recipes. To increase the richness of the curry, milk, cream, cashews or almonds are tried. Like all curries, chicken curry is also prepared by stir-frying or sautéing the ingredients in fats such as clarified butter or refined oil. In few recipes, chicken is marinated and fried prior to adding in curry.

Serving of Chicken Curry Recipes

Chicken curry is usually served as a main dish in almost all cuisines. Indian breads such as roti, parantha and Nan are served as side dish with any kind of chicken curry recipes. Even some curries are savored with rice as well.

Popular Chicken Curry Recipes

An important part of North Indian cuisine, the butter chicken is basically a chicken curry with tomato and cream based gravy. Cream chicken, Goan chicken curry and dum chicken curry are some of the other popularly served chicken curry recipes not only in Indian cuisine but also in UK, America and Caribbean.

Health Facts Related to Chicken Curry

Chicken is regarded a lean meat hence chicken curry recipes are healthy and full of proteins. The nutritional facts of chicken curry recipes depend upon the preparation and the ingredients used.