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Bou Bhaat

Bou Bhaat food is prepared to mark the special occasion of Bou Bhaat, also spelled as Bou-Bhat. It is an after marriage ceremony which takes place at the groom's house. Traditionally observed by the Bengali and Bangladeshi communities, Bou Bhaat is the ceremony when the groom formally introduces his bride to all the relatives. Relatives and friends of the bride attend the function as well. Bou Bhaat is also the day when the bride serves food to the in-laws. Mostly, Bou Bhaat food is prepared by the new bride.

Traditional Bou Bhaat Recipes and Food

As Bou Bhaat is a ceremony which is more-or-less a continuation of the wedding, food prepared and served is much like the rich and lavish wedding food. One of the most important traditional Bou Bhaat foods is Ghee-Bhaat, a mixture of rice and ghee. It is customary for the bride to prepare this dish and serve it to the guests.

Significance of Bou Bhaat Recipes and Dishes

Bou Bhaat is a ceremony which is akin to merrymaking and the Bou Bhaat food is reflective of this fact. Like the wedding, the preparations are rich and delectable. The food prepared reflects the joyful mood of the families and friends involved. Sweets are an important preparation as these signify happiness and joy.

Modern Bou Bhaat Preparations and Their Variations

Bou Bhaat food prepared nowadays is more-or-less like the dishes traditionally cooked and served. The food consists of appetizers, main course meals, dessert, beverages and snacks. In the modern times, little has changed and the preparation methods and recipes remain the same.

Customary Ways of Serving Bou Bhaat Food

Bou Bhaat food is lovingly prepared by the bride for her in laws. Although the bride serves the food to her new family, it is customary that the bride herself is not allowed to eat at her in-laws' house till the Bou Bhaat ceremony is over. Her food generally comes from a neighbor's house. Friends and family come together to enjoy the Bou Bhaat recipes.