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Bonda is a sweet and spicy stuffed snack popularly savoured in South India. The typical bonda recipe is a delectable infusion of native spices into crisp fried potatoes.Variations of the Bonda are famous in states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. This dish is a special snack and is preferably served in festivities like diwali. The dish is most served in restaurants with delectable accompaniments.

History of Bonda recipe:

This scrumptious snack, bonda has been traditionally served in South India since decades. With the increase in the popularity of the classic South Indian bonda recipe, variations of the dish started being served in different regions of the country.

Ingredients Used in Preparation of Bonda recipe:

Bonda is a typical South Indian dish that essentially requires ingredients like potato, gram flour, asafoetida, curry leaves, coconut oil and salt to taste. Any alteration or addition to the basic ingredients is likely to change the classic taste of the dish.

Serving and Eating bonda recipe:

Normally, bonda is served as a South Indian breakfast. Typical South Indian bonda recipe is served on a banana leaf with accompaniments like coconut chutney or mint chutney.

Popular Bonda Variations:

Every variation in the dish is defined by the eating habits and cultural influences governing the region. For example, Keralites prepare Sugiyan, a variation of typical bonda prepared by addition of sweet flavour to the dish. The spicy version of the dish is called batata vada in Maharashtra. In parts of Kerala, potato is replaced by sweet potato and dash of onions. This version is better called Tapioca Bonda. The Udipi cuisine is famous for preparing vegetable bonda prepared from a mix of chopped veggies, peas and coriander leaves. The Mysore version of the Bonda is prepared from additional ingredients like split black lentils, peppercorns and fresh coconut.