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Bakarwadi is a famous snack from the state of Maharashtra, India. It is had commonly with tea during evenings or late afternoons. It is a savory filling rolled into chickpea dough sliced and deep-fried. Besides being a tea time treat, the spicy and crisp bakarwadi is also specially made during the festival of Diwali.

The roll is cut into one centimeter long cylindrical structures and deep fried in hot oil till crispy and golden brown. Bhakarwadi is a popular Maharashtrian brunch item.

Ingredients and Preparation of Bakarwadi

In a typical bhakarwadi recipe poppy seeds, sesame seeds, curry powder, tamarind, coriander powder, gram flour, grated coconut, chili powder and a little sugar are the ingredients used for the filling. The dough is mixed with wheat flour, oil, a few ajwain seeds and salt. First the dough is prepared by mixing the flour with some salt, ajwain seeds, a little oil and water. The flour is kneaded for a few minutes to make tight dough. The filling is made by roasting grated coconut, sesame seeds and poppy seeds and then grinding them into a powder. Thereupon sugar, salt, chili powder and coriander leaves are added to the ground mixture. Further the filling is mixed with tamarind pulp to form a thick paste to complete the filling according to the bakarwadi recipe. The dough is rounded into medium sized balls and flattened to make thin rectangular shape. The filling is spread all over each rectangular base and the flattened dough is rolled into firm cylindrical shape. The cylinders are cut into small pieces and fried in hot oil till they turn golden brown. It is better to seal the edges of the cylinders so that the filling does not fall out while frying. Bhakarwadi can be stored in containers and up to following few weeks.