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Bebinca is a Goan dessert that is traditionally prepared with layers. Goan cuisine is an Indian regional cuisine that is famous for its authentic delicacies. Bibinca or ‘bibik’ is one of the most popular dessert recipes of this Indian regional cuisine. This dish is typically prepared with some of the most commonly used Goan ingredients. The use of these ingredients provides the real exotic Goan flavor to the dish. Not only in Goa, but in Portugal and Mozambique this dish is commonly served in Goanese restaurants. In the Filipino cuisine as well, bebinca recipe is known as ‘bibingka’ and it is quite famous. The ingredients may be different in the Filipino dish, but the method of preparation is quite similar. Some of the variations of bibik are also prevailing such as bibingka galapong and cassava bibinka.

History and Origin of Bebinca Recipe

Bebinca is said to be originated in India in the Goan region. It was originated as a sweet dish in the cuisine that includes some of the most easily available ingredients. With time the bibingka has undergone many changes and nowadays both traditional as well as modern recipe of bebinca are existing in the culinary world.

Ingredients Prescribed by Bibik

The main ingredients used in bebinca are flour, sugar for sweetness, clarified butter and coconut milk. Coconut flavor is the typical Goan flavor; hence coconut milk is the highlight of this sweet dish. In the Filipino version of Bibingka, rice flour is used instead of plain flour. The other ingredients are almost the same. Butter or margarine is traditionally poured over the dish along with powdered sugar. In few variations egg yolks are also incorporated to add sumptuousness to the dish. Eggs are also used as a garnish to the bebinca recipe along with grated cheese.

Method or Preparation of Bebinca Recipe

The traditional method of making bebinca is baking in clay oven. Hot layer of coals are placed at the bottom to provide warmth to the pudding. It is a layered pudding and normally consists of 16 layers. While preparing the pudding, it should be ensured that all the layers should be fully cooked. The entire process of making bibingka should be monitored carefully and layers should be set once the lower layer is cooked. It calls for various stages to make 16 layers. Ghee is poured over each layer to provide moisture.

Serving and Eating of Bebinca Recipe

Bebinca is traditionally served as a dessert in Goan as well as other cuisines. It is a very popular dish in weddings, birthday’s and any other celebration in Goan region. While serving bebinca, grated coconut, salted eggs, cheese or sugar can be garnished on the top of the dish. It is served warm with ice cream. Whipped cream or chocolate sauce may also be served on the side of the pudding. It is typically eaten with dessert spoon and fork.

Types of Bibik

• Bibingka Galapong – This dish is typically prepared with rice flour.

• Cassava bebinca – It includes cassava as the main ingredient.

• Bibik sa Mandaue – Eggs are the main ingredient use in this recipe.

Nutritional and Health Facts Related to Bibingka

Bebinca is a sweet dish, hence not suitable for obese and diabetics. It contains lot of clarified butter that is not good for health. Excess consumption of bebinca may be harmful for health.