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Bangalore food is an outstanding blend of flavors from various parts of the world as the city is home for people of all cultures and ethnicities. Being a South Indian city, Bangalore or Bengaluru is the centre of typical south Indian food with the prefect combination of foods from other parts of India. Fast foods and western food culture is also quiet popular in the city with the launch of many international cafés, pubs and restaurants.

Bangalore is a metropolitan city and India’s Silicon Valley, hence the food served in the city reflects the modernised as well as the traditional South Indian cuisine.

Historical Influence on Bangalore Cuisine

Bangalore food has a noteworthy culinary hertiage. It includes the food of the historical Cholas and Chalukyas.Though the Vijayanagara Empire was the prominent ruling empire in the city, it greatly influenced the food in Bangalore. The city was captured by British Empire in 1791 that led to the introduction of western eating habits.

Food culture of Mysore also plays and important part in the formation of the cuisine of the city as the British empires handed over the administrative control of the city to Maharaja of Mysore.

Ingredients Used in Bangalore Cuisine

Bangalore food is distinguished with the non-greasy and steamed dishes. Rice is the staple food in the city like other South Indian cuisines. Vegetables and lentils are also highly popular and form the basis of most of the Bangalore recipes such as sambar and vegetable curries.

The most important flavoring component in food of Bangalore is the coconut. It is used in all forms like grated, powdered and even as the coconut milk. Sweets and curd are also the main foodstuffs in traditional as well as modern Bangalore meals.

Among the non-vegetarian dishes, fish and mutton dishes are extremely liked by the people of Bangalore.

Popular Dishes in Bangalore Food

  • Sajjige – This dish is popularly known as ‘Kesari Bhat’. It is a semolina based dish that is prepared like ‘halwa’ and is typically served as a breakfast dish in Bangalore meals
  • Mosara Anna – It is also a breakfast dish that is prepared by mixing boiled rice with curd.
  • Puliyogare – A tamarind flavored rice dish that has immense popularity in the meals of Bangalore.

Places for Tasting Best Bangalore Food

Bangalore is a place to eat typical south Indian sea food as well as other Indian and western dishes. Here are some of the best eating joints in Bangalore:

  • Karavalli – This is the best place to savor sea food. Taj Getaway, Bangalore is the place where this restaurantthat serves typical coastal food is located
  • MTR – A very popular South Indian restaurant in Bangalore that serves best idlis and dosas near Urvashi Cinema, Bangalore.
  • Jamavar – Located at The Leela palace, Bangalore, this restaurant offers best of regional cuisine dishes along with traditional South Indian curries.

Bangalore Food: Trivia

In Bangalore, food is traditionally served in stainless steel plates and the meal is locally known as ‘Thali meals’.