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Ananda Solomon

Ananda Solomon is a chef par-excellence from the Indian sub-continent. Though a Mangalorean, Ananda specialized in Thai cuisine and this was his road to success. The chef loves experimenting and he has many ‘firsts’ to his credit, especially in the Indian cuisine. His belief in creating simple yet perfect dishes invariably result in some wonderful creations and as a teacher and chef in control, the chef always advocates the importance of understanding the origin of the ingredients rather than what is present on the plate.

Professional Life of Chef Solomon

Ananda Solomon has a long history of professional culinary experience. Having started early in life, he learnt the ropes of cooking from his large joint family. Though he specialized in French cuisine, soon Ananda felt the need to bring in other cuisines as Indians started taking a liking to Thai, Lebanese and Mexican food. This resulted in the most well known Thai cuisine destination in India i.e., Thai Pavilion, after two years of hard work. Having worked up the ranks, today the chef has an enviable position as the Executive Chef of the Taj President and Corporate Chef of the Taj upper upscale hotels, since 1993.

Achievements of Chef Ananda Solomon

  • Chef Solomon was the only Indian chef who was selected to participate in the popular Slow Food event – Salone Del Gusto in Italy in the year 2002.

  • He was the only Indian to have won at the World Gourmet Summit.

  • Konkan Café in Mumbai is another feather in his cap, which offers genuine Konkan food at affordable prices.

Chef Solomon Trivia

Ananda Solomon believes that a thorough understanding of the meats, the way they ought to be butchered and cutting of vegetables is absolutely essential to create a tasty dish.