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Amritsar food is a part of the Punjabi cuisine, which is characterized by spiciness, richness and calorie loaded dishes and drinks. This Indian city within the Punjab state, otherwise known for the Golden Temple speaks of culinary delicacies like paranthas, Amritsari kulchas, satpuras and rabri, which are famed all over the country and many parts of the world. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fares are eaten in Amritsar city, with special emphasis on milk and milk products such as malai (cream), dahi (curd), paneer (cottage cheese) and fatty buttermilk or lassi. Dal Amritsari, Amritsari fish, Makki roti, Sarson da Saag and Amritsari Kulcha are some popular Amritsari recipes.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Amritsari Cuisine

Amritsar food lays special emphasis on traditionally made ghee or clarified butter, which is liberally used in cooking as well as serving dishes. In the modern times, cream and butter often replace ghee or are added along with it to enhance the texture, flavor and richness of the dishes. Whole wheat is more preferred than rice and is used for making different breads like chapattis, rotis, kulchas, parathas and tandoori rotis. Spices of different kinds are used in food preparation in Amritsar and rice is generally flavored with spices.

Methods Used for Cooking Food in Amritsar

Deep frying, sautéing, roasting, baking and barbecuing are some of the most preferred ways of making foods in Amritsar. While baking is generally limited to bread making, roasting and barbecuing is mostly used for cooking meat and fish such as kebabs, while the rest of the two techniques are used for making a variety of dishes ranging from deep-fried breads like bhatooras and puri to vegetable and meat or fish curries.

Food in Amritsar: Menu

  • Starter- Aloo tikki (spiced potato patties) and Fish Tikka (Barbecued fish) are some popular Amritsar food items for a starter course.

  • Side dish – Dal Amritsari and Rara Gosht are common side dish entrees.

  • Main course - Kulcha (bread with stuffing), Keema Naan (minced meat stuffed bread), Rajma-chawal (Rajma with rice) and lamb or chicken Biriyani.

  • Appetizer – Papad (Plain or spiced cracker breads) and pickles are the most common appetizers in a typical Amritsari thali (meal).

  • Drinks – Lassi (frothy curd based drink with cream topping), Kesar kulfi (saffron based frozen yogurt made with condensed milk) and Thandai (saffron-milk summer drink) are the best known drinks in this Punjabi city.

  • Dessert – Balushahi, pinni, Amritsari laddoo and gur ka halwa (jiggery based sweet) are some popular Amritsar food items of the sweet dish category.