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Allahabad Food is basically a part of the traditional cuisine of Uttar Pradesh, the state located in Central-South Asia, in Northern India. The cooking traditions of Allahabad are quite similar to that of Middle East, Central Asia, and the remaining areas of Northern India. The main ingredients used in the authentic foods include paneer, mutton, saffron, rich spices and saffron. Some popular foods include Dum Biryani, kebabs, and a wide range of Mutton recipes.

Cuisine of Allahabad: Origin

Food in Allahabad has been mainly influenced from the traditional Mughal cooking practices. The cooking practices followed in this region are very similar to that of traditional Awadhi cuisine, which is basically a West-Central Uttar Pradeshi cuisine.

Allahabad Cuisine: Globally Popular Foods

Allahabad's cuisine offers a wide range of globally popular main course meals that includes Zamin Doz Macchli (stuffed whole fish slow-cooked in earthenware buried in ground), Dum Bhindi (yogurt marinated okra), Shab Deg (a rich and spicy Tandoori dish made with mutton, mince meat, raw papaya and turnips) and Nihari (spicy meat curry popularized by Nawabs).

Some popular desserts from the traditional Allahabad cuisine comprise Gujia, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Qulfi, Halwa, Sheer Qorma, Ghewar, Imarti and Petha.

Wheat is one of the staple Allahabad food items for making the main course breads. Some popular main course bread include Tandoori Naan, or baked naan, kulcha, tandoori roti, taftan, millet (millet flour bread), lachha paratha and sheermal.