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Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya food majorly includes sweets, as the Hindus celebrating the occasion associate the sweet taste with joy. Akshya Tritiya falls on the third day of the month of Vaisakha which is considered to be auspicious for Hindus all over India. It is also known as Akha Teej and celebrated across entire Northern India. The day is associated with many legends and people offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera both of whom are believed to bestow wealth. The day is considered to be ideal for starting new enterprises or buying new articles.

Almost all small shops and business houses perform Puja on this occasion and distribute prasad to their clienteles. The prasads generally include packets of sweets nowadays instead of the more traditional food cooked according to the traditional recipes.

Traditional Akshaya Tritiya Recipes And Akshaya Tritiya Food Menu

The food prepared for the puja during the occasion is prepared by sanctifying the area and cooked according to the age old recipes. Some of the most popular traditional food items eaten on the day include:-

  • Besan Burfi- A diamond shaped sweet prepared with gram powder mixed with ghee and sugar.
  • Kaju Katri- Another sweet made from cashew powder, condensed milk and sugar. It occasionally contains a topping of nuts.
  • Mango Raita- Mango pieces dropped in yogurt and set to a thick consistency. Served with a garnishing of cardamom powder and nuts.
  • Kalakhand- This sweet made of pure milk and garnished with an assortment of nuts is a traditional favorite of Akshaya Tritiya all across India.
  • Aval Payasam- A kind of a pudding made with flattened rice and milk is usually made by following the old recipes on the auspicious occasion.

Significance of Akshaya Tritiya Food

The word Akshaya means undiminishing and the people of India believe their wealth and happiness will remain unaltered if one buys long term assets on the day. The recipes include the methods of preparing sweetmeats mainly as the Indians hope the sweetness to stay unabated throughout their lifetime. Sweets are therefore distributed and exchanged on the occasion after the Puja takes place.

Customary Ways to Serve and Eat Akshaya Tritiya Food

The customary ways of serving food prepared according to the traditional recipes is to eat it by sitting on the floor instead of a dining table. The food is usually served o banana leaf and eating without a purifying bath is taboo on the occasion.

Some people fast throughout the day refraining from all kinds of food except water consumed by floating a tulsi leaf in it. Recipes are used to cook the lunch as well as food items for distribution on the auspicious day.

People of Rajasthan do not accept Akshaya Tritiya food from non Hindus on the auspicious day.

Annadanam or giving food to the poor is practiced all across India on the day.

Akshaya Tritiya Recipes: Trivia

The day is also considered to be particularly auspicious for marriages. However, the practice of eating food cooked according to the Akshaya Tritiya recipes is not customary during the wedding feast.