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Akki Roti

Akki Roti is a speciality flat bread belonging to the Indian state of Karnataka where ‘akki’ is the term for rice in the local language Kannada, and roti of course means a kind of flattened bread. Akki Rotti, also spelt as akki roti, is primarily a rice flour roti. A typical akki rotti recipe uses rice flour dough which is kneaded well with such other ingredients like green chilies, sliced onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves etc. The dough, thus made, is pressed out in the form of a roti and then cooked on a pan on either side. Although different ingredients can be used to make different kinds of akki rotis, the most common is rice flour with coconut gratings seasoned with salt and cumin seeds. The other variations are masala akki rotti using carrot, onion, ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves, cumin seeds. Greens like methi or fenugreek leaves, spinach leaves and dill leaves add nutritional value to the roti. Flavorings used may be varied as per individual preferences. Akki roti is best had with chutney especially made with red bell pepper.

Ingredients and Preparation

Rice flour, onions, carrot, cilantro leaves, green chillies, cumin seeds, oil, salt, water are the main ingredients used for Akki Roti.

The rice flour is mixed with finely chopped vegetables, spices and salt. Boiling water is used to mix the dough together. This dough needs to be covered and set aside for some time so the dough becomes moist and softened due to the steam.

Then some oil is used to knead the dough well, it is then portioned out into equal sized balls, flattened on a greased surface by patting with fingers. This is baked on the tava till both sides are done. A few drops of oil may be used if needed.

The Akki Roti is served hot with either coconut chutney or spicy tomato-onion chutney.

Nutritive Value

A normal serving size of 2 Akki Rottis provide-

• A total of 430 calories of which calories from fat is 90 calories

• Total carbohydrate content is 64 g

• Total fat content is 30.0 g

• Total protein is 5.0 g

Nutritional Improvements

• It may be possible to use different types of flour in combination with the rice flour to add to the nutritional value of the Akki Rotti-

1. Ragi or finger millet is a locally grown millet used in making unleavened rotis. Use of ragi flour improves Vitamin A, B and phosphorus contents. It adds calcium and iron to the diet making it suitable for pregnant and lactating women as well as children and the elderly to consume this variety of Indian flatbread. Promoting slow release of sugar into the blood stream makes it good for diabetics too. The fibre value helps avoid constipation and controls cholesterol level and protects from intestinal cancers.

2. Addition of some Bengal gram flour or chickpea flour to the rice flour could benefit for added protein value that helps athletes and others build muscle mass. For Anaemics this could help provide more iron. For diabetics, it helps in enhancing glucose utilisation in the body.

3. Use of some healthy greens like chopped fenugreek or methi leaves, spinach leaves or drumstick leaves increases the iron, folate, Vitamin A, K and fibre content of the Akki Roti.