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Aam Papad

Aam papad or mango leather is a sweet sour, yellow, customary Indian snack made from the pulp of mango. The king of fruits is consumed in India in many ways and aam papad recipe is one of them. This sweet looks like a puff pastry with layers of flaky fruit leather. The pulp of mango is mixed with concentrated sugar and sun dried on trays to create layers. It tastes sweet and sour with a prominent mango flavor that lingers. This dish is preserved and it can be enjoyed long after the mango season is over.

History of Aam Papad

Originally, aam papad was a homemade dish. It was prepared in households and was not sold commercially. It was popular among North Indians and South Indians. Over the years and its popularity has increased and spread across the world. It is now prepared commercially and has seen some changes in the preparation method. The traditional aam papad recipe did not include potassium metabisulfite. This snack was made with mango pulp, sugar and salt.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Aam Papad

Mango pulp, sugar and salt are the main ingredients of aam papad. The commercial variants include potassium metabisulfite. It can be made a little spicy by adding rock salt. This sweet and sour snack does not require any flavor; the mango flavor is quite over powering. The preparation method is simple but time consuming. Raw mango pulp and concentrated sugar is mixed with a little salt and sun dried in trays. It may take a while for the pulp to dry into a thick layer. When the first layer dries, another layer is spread over it. This method of preparation gives aam papad a flaky texture. Aam papad recipe is quite simple; it can be prepared at home.

Serving Suggestions for Aam Papad

After the layers have dried, this fruit leather is cut into pieces and it is ready to be served. It does not require heating or cooling. There is no need to refrigerate this sweet snack. It stays fresh for long.

Health and Nutritional Value

Aam papad is made of real fruit pulp and does not have any artificial flavoring substances. It has high energy and nutritional value. It can give a calorie boost due to high sugar content.