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Aadi Koozh

Aadi Koozh is a South Indian porridge that is made from millet. This dish is generally eaten at breakfast or at lunch. This dish mainly consists of the Cumbu flour, locally known as Kezhvaragu and broken rice, known as noyee in Tamil. The ingredients are cooked together in a mud pot to a semi-solid consistency. Buttermilk, onions, curry leaves and coriander leaves are added to the delicious Aadi koozh.

Aadi Koozh originates from Tamil Nadu in India, where the porridge like dish was made to mark the beginning of the Tamil month Aadi and this was generally eaten during the Aadi Thiruvizha festivals held during this month at the Mariamman temples in Tamilnadu. This tradition is prevalent till date.

Aadi Koozh is prepared by cooking together the flour of Cumbu or millet and broken rice, which have been fried and ground along with roasted black gram and green gram. Syrup of jaggery is prepared to which Aadi Koozh powder is added and mixed well. This mixture is added to the rice and millet and cooked together. Salt, curry leaves and coriander leaves add flavor to the dish. This recipe is generally accompanied by side dishes that include green chilies, pickles, red chili spiced mango pieces, raw onions and even dry fish gravy.

Aadi Koozh is considered a vegetarian dish; however, there is another version of this recipe which is a non-vegetarian dish made with fish, crab or chicken. This is a common dish in most restaurants in Tamil Nadu.

Aadi Koozh is served during the month of Aadi, which is considered auspicious for the worship of Durkai (the goddess of Shakthi), but at the same time not considered auspicious to start any new venture.