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Cottage Cheese (Paneer) In Microwave

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This cottage cheese recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Paneer or cottage cheese can be prepared at home from milk and can be used in salads as chunks or in curries, paneer preparation or even casseroles and pies.
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Boil 500ml milk in a I litre medium casserole on 100% power for 5 min..Add 4 tbsp.whey water.
Mix and mi crowave on 60% power for 2 min.
Stir well.
Allow to stand: for 5 min.
Strain the paneer through a muslin cloth and place a heavy weight on top'and leave for 10 min.
Store in a airtight containe'rjfilled with enough water to submerge the prepared paneer and refrigerate till requied.

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Are you out of your mind??? microwave cooking,or warming, dds carcinogenic radiolytic compounds to all foods, destroys all vitamins, damages proteins, and changes even the vibration of water, as shown on plant gowing trials. Read about it all at Breaking news section.
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Not true! You need to study about microwaves first before coming up with your stupid conjectures about the dangers of microwave! It does not damage anything! Herbalhealer indeed!
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How about scientific proof for your ideas instead of a link to your website. Are you a PhD in the field of food science or a medical doctor???
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do you have more paneer recipes...
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Shantii..Medical doctors DO NOT knpow very much about health. They only do a few hours of nutrition in 6 years med school, and that is misinformation, ie cholesterol, calories, food pyramids etc.. The other day on CNN Larry King Live, Bill Clintons by-pass surgeon, whose team had done 14000 by-pass ops, was asked by Dr. Dean Ormish, an ex-by-pass surgeon, if he was aware that heart disease could be reversed with nutritionie mega vitamin supplementatio. He replied, I dont know anything about those things, bUT, if somebody needs a by-pass, we do that.
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"Anonymous" Heredity is the number one cause of heart disease and many other factors like smoking, obesity, diet, and lack of exercise contribute. Unfortunately vitamins and food supplements are not controlled like prescription medications and what is in the bottle can vary greatly from what is labeled. Eating well balanced meals is a huge factor to being healthy also and HEREDITY. Quoting your statement "Medical doctors DO NOT knpow very much about health" would be a great surprise to both doctors and medical schools. I prefer to trust the information from a well educated doctor, dietician, than speculation and the diverse theories one can read on the net. BTW both of Clinton's parents died young. Heredity is a key player in life-span.
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herbalhealerdotcom is run by Marijah Maccain. PhD PhD ND, and is the USA`s largest herb company. She also wrote the courses for naturapathic medicine. Go tell her to stuff it.
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Marijah McCain (not Maccain) says she has been involved in the natural medicine field for 30 years now and have studied just about every religion and alternative therapy there is, taking from them what I needed and leaving the rest. I launched the Herbal Healer Academy in 1988. The Attorney General of Arkansas where she resides has cracked down on her operation: And the FDA has issued warnings to her, as her Web site was making illegal health claims for at least 12 products. There are wrongful death lawsuits against her and so on. Be cautious if something sounds too good to be true, as it probably is. The largest herbal producer in the world is in China. All this being said I have a strong belief that natural ways IE Ayrevedia, naturalpaths, Chinese herbs, and such can be a great healer and a supplrment in treating various health issues. However, taking herbals should be discussed with your medical doctor so as any prescription medications do not conflict or interact with herbs. Many presciption meds are synthetic herbs! Some of the safest herbal medications are manufactured and regulated in Japan. The US as yet hasn't addressed any regulations on OTC suppliments, and variances can be 100 fold.
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i tried to make paneer with this method but failed. its just waste of ur time and resources.
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Cottage Cheese (Paneer) In Microwave Recipe