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The Travel Chutney

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This is a tasty chutney that can be packed for lunch or travel. It does not get spoilt easily in spite of having coconut in it. It is usually dry and water is used minimally while making it.
  Grated coconut 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Ginger piece 1 Inch, peeled, chopped
  Dried red chili pepper 2 Medium, torn
  Tamarind 10 Gram
  Salt To Taste
  Water 10 Drop

1. In a blender take all the ingredients and blend it to a fine paste. If too dry then add water in drops till fully blended.

2. Serve it with idlys or dosas or pack for lunch or journeys.

If desired you could temper it with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Recipe Summary

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Preparation Time: 
10 Minutes
During our childhood we used to eagerly wait for the summer vacations. Reasons are many for one, exams are over, we get to spend a lot of time with our cousins in our grandma's place and best of all the train journey. We would take the train to go to Kerala and it took us 1 1/2 days in the train. My sister, who is younger to me is not much of an eater otherwise, but when she is in the train she is a "chain eater" :)I am using this term here because you will find her eating something or the other through out the journey, while I enjoyed reading books and the scenery. My mother was very cautious while packing food for the journey. She insisted on us packing only light food that would be good for the stomach as well as tasty to eat. Buying food from outside was very rare. So mostly it was idly as it is steamed hence good for the stomach and light too...Sambar cannot be carried as it could get messy, so she would make this dry and thick chutney to go with the idlys. Now we do not know if it is the fun of the journey or the taste of the chutney we really enjoyed every morsel that went into our mouths...Its tangy spicy taste would set the salivary glands in a frenzy...So try it and pack it next time you are on a journey!!

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