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Bad Am Paak ( Almond Halwa )

  Castor sugar 350 Gram
  Almonds 250 Gram
  Ghee 125 Gram
  Pistachios 50
  Thick cream 1⁄2 Liter
  Milk 1⁄2 Liter
  Rose water 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Saffron 1 Gram

1. Boil almonds for ten minutes. Cool, skin and fry in a little ghee till pale pink in colour. Grind with a little rose water and set aside. '
2. Beat cream and milk with a whisk and place in a heavy bottomed vessel over a low flame. Stir non-stop till reduced to half taking care not to allow the bottom to burn. Remove from fire when milk starts to thicken.
3. Dissolve the sugar in half a cup each of plain water and rose water and bring to a boil. Cool and boil again. Add saffron, the sugar water and ground almonds to the cream and mix vigorously.
4. Grease a tray with butter and keep ready.
5. Increase the heat to medium and mix in circular movements till it thickens. Immediately empty into the geased tray and pat the surface to a level thickness.
6. Mark into small squares whilst still warm.

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Bad Am Paak ( Almond Halwa ) Recipe