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Motichoor Laddu

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Motichoor Laddu or MANRAJ BHOGAL is a sweet delicacy made from grilled gram flour flakes which are sweetened, mixed with almonds, pressed into balls and fried in ghee.
  Bengal gram flour 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs) (besan)
  Semolina 1 1⁄2 Tablespoon (rawa)
  Sugar 250 Gram (1 1/4 CUPS)
  Milk 1 Tablespoon
  Safforn food color 1 Drop
  Saffron 1 Teaspoon (few strands)
  Almonds 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Pistachios 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Cashewnuts 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Cardamom powder 1 Teaspoon
  Rose water 2 Teaspoon
  Ghee/Butter 1 Cup (16 tbs) (for deep frying)

Combine the gram flour, semolina and approx. 3/4 cup of water and mix well to make a smooth batter and keep it aside.
Combine the sugar and milk with 1 1/2 cups of water in a bowl and heat
while stirring continuously till the sugar gets dissolves. Now add the
saffron food colour to the syrup and make a syrup of one string consistency. Keep it warm.
Heat ghee or butter in a pan. When hot, hold a perforated spoon (boondi
jhara) over the hot ghee and pour a little boondi batter at a time using a ladle over the perforated spoon.
Spread the batter with the back of a spoon so that the boondi falls into
the ghee. Fry the boondis over a high flame to a light golden color,
taking care to ensure that they are not very crisp.
Now add the boondi's to the warm sugar syrup and mix well so that the
boondi's soak in the syrup well. Wash and dry the perforated spoon
(boondi jhara) every time you pour the boondi batter through it.
Proceed making the boondis with the remaining batter and immerse them in the sugar syrup immediately after frying. Allow the mixture to cool completely.Add 2 tbsps of hot water, saffron, chopped almonds, chopped pistachios,powdered cardamom, rose water and mix them well.
Shape the mixture to make laddus and garnish with edible silver sheets.
Motichoor laddu is ready to be served.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
20 Minutes
Cook Time: 
45 Minutes
Ready In: 
65 Minutes
This sweetmeat is believed to have originated from Motichur, a small town near Haridwar and popularized by the Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar region of Uttar Pradesh. The fact that the western Uttar Pradesh belt is the largest producer of cane sugar in the country has helpd develop variants of this laddu - known as khaand ke laddu and guldane ke laddu. Maner, a small town near Patna in Bihar, is also famous for its delicious motichoor laddus. It is a traditional gift at weddings, engagements and births.

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Nutrition Rank

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 526 Calories from Fat 121

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 14 g22.1%

Saturated Fat 3.3 g16.6%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 9 mg3%

Sodium 41.5 mg1.7%

Total Carbohydrates 84 g28.1%

Dietary Fiber 8.2 g32.7%

Sugars 49.1 g

Protein 17 g34.4%

Vitamin A 1.2% Vitamin C 1.9%

Calcium 5.5% Iron 21.7%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


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Looks delicious. I heard that these gram flour dumplings are relatively healthy.
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Hello Joe Yes they do taste delicious. Laddu is a traditional confection distributed on occasions such as wedding, or birth of a child, or offered as a treat in festivals etc. The combination of color,fragrance and the taste makes an individual child or aged gleem with happiness to having enjoyed a wholesome sweet all to themselves :)
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It is looking too much delicious.It is also known as Lord Ganesha's favorite sweet, that's why traditionaly very popular during diwali in india.
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Hello Ganesh Thank you for your wonderful comment.
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Hi I Have Bought The Ready Made Bhundi And There Quite Big So Shall I Break Them Up Or What. I Really Want To Make This But Im Sort Of Confused Can You Reply A.S.A.P Thank You
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It is not a vegan recipe. Please remove that tag as you are using butter, ghee and milk.
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You do not need to use milk in this recipe. The small amount of milk called for in this recipe, is used to remove the impurities from the sugar syrup. You can make this dessert without adding the milk. The recipe is vegan if milk is eliminated.
Anonymous's picture can use oil for frying instead of ghee or butter. Then this recipe will be vegan...:-)
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I will try this time!
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The image is too good... I am already drooling...!!
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Great recipe......I will try this recipe soon......
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Never knew how these were made...thanks
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Motichoor laddo have been my all time favorite.
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i never tried making it at home! now i can try this at home!
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truly out of the world. Can gobble up these ladoos like there's no tomorrow
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Yummy snacks. Never miss them on Diwali
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these are a classic fav!!
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thanks for sharing the I am gonna try making some of these laddoos at home instead of getting them from sweetmeat stores
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These ladoos look and taste too royal.
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looks so good that I want one noW!
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This is the King of Laddoos. "Motichoor laddu ki jai ho" :P
Motichoor Laddu Recipe