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Indian Vegetable 65

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Are you looking for simple way to make Vegetable 65? This recipe is perfect for you. This is a unique and kid friendly recipe . It is the most delicious Indian dish .Vegetable 65 is cooked in 65 style with mixed vegetables. Cook, share and enjoy this Vegetable 65 recipe.
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1. Cut vegetables into small size and coat it with either pakoda mixture. Make a thin batter without soda or coat it with rice and flour batter and deep fry.
2. Heat oil, add cumin add chopped ginger garlic, onion, chilli garlic , red color , and soya sauce with pinch of ajinomoto and toss the fried vegetables.
3. Serve hot.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Deep Fried
Holiday, Kids
Preparation Time: 
7 Minutes
Cook Time: 
25 Minutes
Ready In: 
32 Minutes
Kids usually turn away from home cooked versions of vegetable, but this dish is sure to appeal to even the most fussy eaters. Chef Sanjay Thumma shows us the vegetarian version of the much loved chicken 65. Kids are surely going to love these crispy batter fried veggies.

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Is it a vegetable version of chicken 65? Really a deliciuos recipe...i will try this recipe very soon.
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I tried this one. and actually it tastes awesome. Thanks sanjay Kumar
tina's picture
dear chef sanjay .. i looked for chicken 65 recipe but cant find one .. please show the recipe for chicken 65
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hi, i am in the US. could u plz tell me where this chilli garlic paste is available? i mean do we have to make it or buy it?
butterbites's picture
I think you can get chilli garlic paste at any indian grocery store. for that matter, it should be available in your local supermarket too, i think.
katrina's picture
Can someone help me - how do I view the video?
Anonymous's picture
loved the goign to try this are such a lively ur enthu!
Priti Patel's picture
Vegetable 65 looks very nice but can you show how to make chilli garlic paste? Thanks
Ravi's picture
One of the worst video streaming. To strem 10 min over 512kbps broadband, it takes 1/2 an hour. By not putting Recipe in Text, and with such a bad streaming, you are making people not to visit or use your wesite ATLEAST IN INDIA where avg speed is Less than 512kbps.
Culinary.Crack.a.Jack's picture
Hi Ravi, Thanks for your constructive comments. We know that it takes some time to view the videos in India, we are looking into providing written matter for all our video recipes for better user experience. We are looking into providing written matter for all our video recipes. We will be starting with it next week.
Indian Vegetable 65 Recipe Video