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Hyderabadi Style Chicken Biryani

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chicken biryani is the most popular Indian rice dish (more)
  Black cardamom 2
  Chicken pieces 800 Gram (Medium Sized)
  Coriander leaves 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Cinnamon stick 2
  Cloves 2
  Green cardamoms 2
  Cumin powder 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Coriander powder 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Ginger 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Garlic 2 Tablespoon, chopped
  Basmati rice 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Green chili 2
  Mace 1 Tablespoon (Javeri)
  Lime juice 1 Tablespoon
  Onions 4 Medium, sliced
  Oil 2 Tablespoon
  Onion 2 Large, fried
  Peppercorns 6
  Saffron 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Salt To Taste
  Turmeric 1 1⁄2 Pinch
  Yoghurt 2 Cup (32 tbs)

1. In a bowl, take chicken, ginger garlic paste, mint, curd, green chillies, coriander leaves, pepper corns, cumin, chilli powder, turmeric, salt, cumin, coriander powder and whole garam masala dry, fried onion and oil, mix well.
2. In a bowl, take water and salt and bring it to a boil. Now add rice. Once the rice is half-cooked, drain the water.
3. Now in a biryani bowl, add marinated chicken spread at the bottom and then add half cooked rice, mint leaves, onion fried, and saffron and close it with the lid and cook for 30 minutes.
4. Traditionally, this recipe is cooked in an earthen pot for many hours on very low indirect flame.
5. Serve hot garnished with few sprigs of mint.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Main Dish
Preparation Time: 
7 Minutes
Cook Time: 
25 Minutes
Ready In: 
32 Minutes
Indian Spicy Chicken Rice
All of you, who have enjoyed the opportunity to taste this famous Indian recipe, you know how exotic it is. To prepare this exquisite Indian rice dish at home, you should watch this video. It is not at all an easy preparation, but with the step-by-step demonstration of chef, you won't find it difficult anymore. So, watch this video and experiment over the weekend. It is going to be worth the effort.

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Nutrition Rank

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 906 Calories from Fat 176

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 20 g30.7%

Saturated Fat 5.7 g28.3%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 154.7 mg51.6%

Sodium 334.1 mg13.9%

Total Carbohydrates 122 g40.7%

Dietary Fiber 9.8 g39.1%

Sugars 21.3 g

Protein 59 g117.4%

Vitamin A 16.5% Vitamin C 86.2%

Calcium 32.2% Iron 26.8%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


Snigdha's picture
Its a great recipe. I also use 'Star Anise' while making Hyderabadi Murg Biryani. It gives a wonderful flavor.
shantihhh's picture
This sounds wonderful! Your videos are so infomative. I love learning of the culture, history as well as the recipe-well done. Are you using skinless thighs? Would you say boiling the rice to half done is 6 minutes? That is the timing I use for Persian style Basmati rice which is also cooked in salted boiling water, then drained and butter is added and the rice continues cooking in the pan without the water with a towel under the heavy lid and without heat. This method forms a golden crust called Tah-dig and is wonderful.
kaycee's picture
I have always used readymade biryani spice from the store, after watching your video, will give your recipe a try. Nice presentation aand simple to follow recipe.
priyanareshk's picture
chef, it was a wonderful video of the trying it right now and hope me and my husband both will relish after its done...esp the rice preparation was extremely helpful. I have been a die-hard biryaani fan and thanks for such articulate presentation.
minaxi's picture
gr8 recipe...
Pervez87's picture
Pepper in Hyderabadi birayani!!! Never heard of it. Chicken in the Hyderabadi birayani is quite a stretch on top of it pepper, cumin & coriander powder!!! Whatever it may be it certainly is not Hyderabadi biryani, c'mon there are many cities left in India why not use their name. Warrangal biryani has a nice sound to it or may be Machlipatnam biryani!!!
shantihhh's picture
Remember cooking is an ongoing evolution, recipes are only for reference, be creative. If one must only follow a recipe that is considered the "true and only" way, that is fine if that is what they want. But please be tolerant of others! Every time we make something it will vary depending on the where the vegetables or even rice were grown, and what the animal or chicken or fish was eating. Even the same variety of tomato grown n different gardens will taste differently depending on weather, water, and terroir. Variety and experimentation is wonderful! I often will cook old Awadhi recipes and adhere 100% to a written recipe unless I can't get an ingredient, but other times a cook/chef will use his personal touch to create something different and special. I certainly do and am a very good cook. We're all here to share and learn from one another and thus be a better cook. Viva la difference! Shanti/Mary-Anne
Pervez87's picture
hmmm... What makes you suggest that Im intolerant??? As Sanjay Thumma says in his introduction to the recipe that the Hyderabadi Biryani is almost a tourist attraction. If you look at the various recipes for various biryanis the basics are almost the same. Rice, meat, spices, marinade. Cook in layers. So what would make one call a biryani 'hyderabadi' say over one which is called 'sindhi?' or bombay biryani, or madras biryani or Bangalore biryani(yes there is such a thing) He also mentions that the heritage of the Biryani was developed in the Nawabi period and obviously a part of the Nawabi culture. It has certain characteristics by which people recognise it as Hyderabadi biryani. If you would take a survey of professional cooks(not the 5 star kind ) and natives of Hyderabad they will tell you some specifics. Among these specifics is that there is hardly any extensive list of spices used in marinating the meat. Ginger, Garlic, a bit of Chilli(some use green chilli paste some none), a bit of turmeric and yoghurt form the base. The Whole garam masala is used to flavor the boiling water and thrown out while adding rice, some hotels in secunderabad have been leaving the whole garam masala in the biryani, a matter of convenience and add such small pieces of whole garam masala in such quantity that picking it out of the plate slows one down. I suspect they also make it too hot so a customer feels the heat and cannot eat too much and is satisfied with the quantity provided. So those are the basics of the hyderabadi biryani, very simple spices, extremely simple marinade, extremely simple cooking method(ie if you get it right!!!) a mild dish which can be a meal in itself and if needed can be further spiced by the Baghare baigan or mirchi ka salan or with raita if more gravvy is needed by the individual. Im not against experimentation and variety. In fact I once enjoyed a most wonderful chicken biryani in a Andhra resturant in Nalgonda(which is quite near to hyderabad) that I still rembember the taste, they did not call it Hyderabadi biryani nor will many hyderabadi natives ever call it Hyderabadi biryani. Like I said a hyderabadi biryani has particular taste and method of cooking and if any & every type of biryani can be called hyderabadi biryani it does not make sense at all. There are many names available and can be invented I have nothing against that. What makes a San Franscisco sourdough special is a particular taste because of the typical yeast present in that area. There is only a very subtle diffrence from a San Franscisco Sourdough bread from that of any other sourdough. Similar is the case of Hyderabadi biryani, adding pepper, cummin & corriander powder changes that recognisable identity. In particular it should be noted that use of black pepper is one of the first identifiers of a Sindhi Biryani. Would adding Thai methods and spices to awadhi cusines give it the label of lucknowi dish?? after all we use almost similar ingredients in both cuisines. Giving the right name would be important or in this case not giving the wrong label would be important. We can call the new dish by any new name or chose not to give it a name or give it a descriptive identifier.
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vahrehvahchef's picture
I totally agree with Pervez , i just used to be like him , when new in culinary college i used to always argue with my lecturers on Hyderabadi recipes , being born in Hyderabad i always thought what my mom cooked or what my Fatima aunty cooked was true authentic recipes of Hyderabad , it took time and working in various Hyderabad restaurants small and in five star i realized what little knowledge i had , even today i look to learn some thing new i think if i have to learn all of even one regional Cusine it will take many life times , i am not here to make anyone exel in cooking or show of my talents , as i say in each video ,i just hope i can inspire even one person to cook and eat fresh food so lets smile and call it warangal biryani
Uttam Rekha's picture
Sanjay, have you ever tried cooking biriyani in a slow cooker. if so can you please post the recipe...thanks a bunch..
Sowmitha's picture
Hi chef. Thanks for saring the recepie!! I had a doubt before I started, onions are mentioned twice in the ingredients list however only fried onions are used in the entire recepie. Do we have to fry the chicken in onions first. Pls guide.
Pervez87's picture
Warrangal Biryani it is :) I had Machalipatnam, and or Nalgonda in mind but Warrangal wins. Sanjay your set is fabulous where is this?? Do you have a show on any tv channel?? I was watching your turkey recipes. One of my friends insists on feeding me turkey on thanksgiving I really dislike any sweet stuff in my main course they sweet stuffing that he uses really turns me off. Im going to ask him to use your recipe the rice stuffing looks good.
shantihhh's picture
Vahchef!!!! So glad to see you here with your explanation-knowing you were from Hyderabad (which is considered the home of the best biryani) I knew it was a good and noble biryani. Pervez mentioned a fusion of Thai and Indian spices-do I see a Desi Indian Thai Biryani? Sounds interesting to my taste buds. There are many Indians living in India and of course in Malaysia. In South Thailand there is a definite fusion of Indian/Thai spices in recipes like Penang and Mussaman curries. I also found there are some Indian restaurants in Cambodia. Could be interesting. In Cambodia the cuisine has been influenced by the French. A special dish is Amok (like Thai Haw Mok) but not only with seafood per se. The Cambodians make an Amok with snails! Maybe there is a fusion of Indian spices being used in Cambodian dishes. Sounds interesting. I always say the best Chinese food I have ever eaten is in Delhi! That is a big statement as I have been in China to various regions many many times, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have excellent Chinese restaurants and chefs, but still not as tasty as the Indian cooking I have eaten in Delhi. The oft quoted "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts", often today referred to as synergy, is the way I'd term much of California Cuisine. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Sarita.Bhandarkar's picture
I tried this recipe Sanjay...It was amazing...I was preparing any chicken recipe for the first time and after eating this amazing dish I got the confidence to prepare some more chicken recipes...(No one prepared chicken recipes till now in our family except me. All the credit goes to you)I also tried your recipe of butter chicken and chicken 65...All were just amazing...Thank you very much...
sobia's picture
my sister asked me to make rice for her today...made hyderabadi biryani...everybody loved it....thankyou very much....shall definitely try the butter chicken next time...and sanjay i love your videos and the tips you give... :)
vandana's picture
This hyderabadi chicken biriyani looks wonderful and with ur step by step details I am sure can get a tasty biriyani. Biriyani is one of my favorites and Hyderabadi biriyani is simply the best.
joyce.cynthia's picture
I love biryani and tried this recipe, everything was fine except it got burnt in the bottom. I used a non-stick tava to cook. Please let me know about the type of vessel to use. One more thing, i used less oil... please help. Chef your video was excellent.
Radzie's picture
I'm love hydrabadi biryani for its flavor and spicy feel! Althou i have tried it in Chennai a couple of time, couldn't yet get a chance to try out the real biryani somewhere from Andhra Pradesh. I'm currently out up at Vizag, but none of my outings have given me a chance to savor this delicious rice. Thanks Chef, now that you have posted the recipe video, i myself can make it at home.
srividya76's picture
Hello Sanjay I tried your recipe. Its delicious.
rrmr's picture
The receipe written is different than the method Chef is suggesting. Well I am following what chef says, will let you know the results soon.
rrmr's picture
Well, even though i cooked on pretty medium heat, the bottom was still burned. Gosh i am not looking forward to clean that now. Anyway the dish turned out OK.
kasharajani's picture
I think this is the best way to cook easily and even the taste would be so.............good. I even think your Resipe Video is so...........excellent . I will definetly try this. Thank You !!!'s picture
Is it possible to cook biryani in Crockpot (Slow Cooker)? If so could you please suggest how?? Thanks!
Prezi's picture
I have had this biryani a couple of times when I visited India for a wedding or two. I was stunned at the elaborate process that the preparation took and so is the number of ingredients. I must say the biryani tasted out of the world! Also, I have once tried a popular biryani from somewhere in North India. Even that too was awesome!
Pervez87's picture
I don't think that it is possible to make the Biryani in a slow cooker. Only the last part ie Dum it needs slow cooking but not too slow either just about half an hour. The rice would totally dry out if kept warm for two long. Even in a rice cooker if the cooked rice is kept on warming for two long it tends to dry out especially at the bottom
selena rockz's picture
this guy rockz
selena rockz's picture
i i m american & i love hyderabadi chicken biryani .thankz for the video
Ashrita's picture
Thanks very much for your recipe, we tried at our home and got the result with very tasty,,,, It's really mouth watering taste. Thanks again for your process..... It's worked and I suggest everbody can try at home...
Nivedita Jaiswal's picture
It was awesome but I have a doubt that when the rice is half cooked and we are placing the chicken first along with half cooked rice in another container to cook it further.......will chicken not stick to the container when kept on flame......rlp me Thank u
ani's picture
No, the chicken will not stick to the bottom of the container, because the ghee and oil present in the chicken is sufficient to cook the chicken. As well better to place the container on a roti pan.
Subra's picture
I have tried out both the chicken/mutton briyani. Believe it, was excellent! A very simple and fast method but must be careful with the flame. If it is very hot then the meat gets charred. Should be slow cooking heat.
Anonymous's picture
Hi vahchef, very good recipe, I would like to know how to extract the red color of saffron? thanks.
Anonymous's picture
This is one of the best Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani recipes that I've come across.Saffrom color can be extracted by dissolving saffron in hot water or milk.
Anonymous's picture
awesome stuff ... i love it :)
Reddy025's picture
Thank you for the video,Today My dream came true to learn how to cook Biryani,Thank you Thanks alot
Mahdieh's picture
sooooooooo good!!! thank u reaaly much.. I tried it, it was fantastic!!!
vijaya kumar's picture
its awsome, varevah is helping all indian students staying away from home and living in other countries a lot. i really like it.
jayanth kumar's picture
what is javeri mace.plz reply
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Anonymous's picture
stupid chef whili cookin it won get burned at bottom pl dont say such stupid dish
harsha marie's picture
i have seen the video bt not tried yet ,,,, i wanted 2 learn hyderabadi biryani,,,bt few questions still prevail in my mind dat how long should the rice b cooked 4 half it to get half cooked and also shouldn't i put dough after covering d utensil dat no steam comes out..... my boyfriend loves biryani i need 2 learn how 2 make it.. so ans my questions ...
Shrikant's picture
First time i ever tyried makin biryani n it came awesome an authentic hyderabadi biryani.simple n easy to make. dont follow the descreption , follow the video guys..
nadira's picture
how to make a kashmiri biryani please explan me
nadira's picture
i want to now how to make kasmiri biryani please explan me now
Shrikant's picture
your from kashmir?
JasperB's picture
Hey Vah Reh Vah chef, I'm a Dutch guy who has been lucky enough to taste the real thing in Hyderabad itself at many occasions. I tried your recipe several times (I was so glad to find it on the internet) and every time I'm amazed how perfectly you have captured the beautiful taste of this famous Hyderabadi recipe. Cheers, Jasper
sreedevi's picture
very nice. I felt like eating it. yummy. biriyani........... :P
A. Surekha Suman Naidu's picture
Yaa Its toooo cool to make in home, at same time very tasty, I like this biryani. Thanks a lot.
Anonymous's picture
Hi wah re wah chef.....U r tempting me to prepare at now....Mmmmmm..
Anonymous's picture
Hi wah re wah chef.....U r tempting me to prepare at now....Mmmmmm..
Anonymous's picture
Hi wah re wah chef.....U r tempting me to prepare at now....Mmmmmm..
jahnavi gunnam's picture
thanks a lot your recipe helped me to cook a delicious biryani its awesome
Sowmitha's picture
I had a doubt before I start, onions are mentioned twice in the ingredients list however in the recepie only fried onions are used, is it the way it should be. Do we fry the chicken in oil before? Thank you for sharing the recepie!!
Samina.Tapia's picture
Hi Sowmitha, fried onions are used twice in the recipe. Once while marinating the chicken (4 small onions, sliced and fried) then again while layering the chicken and rice (2 large onions, sliced and fried. You can slice and fry about 6 medium onions and divide accordingly. No the chicken is not cooked in oil before layering. It is marinated as shown in the video. Then layered with par-cooked rice and cooked on Dum until chicken is tender and rice is perfectly cooked. The key to a good biryani is not to open the lid while cooking. It will have about 45 minutes to cook on dum.
Hyderabadi Style Chicken Biryani Recipe Video, Indian Spicy Chicken Rice