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Ice Cream Cup

Ice cream cup is the container in which ice cream is served. A standard ice cream cup holds one serving of the dessert.

Types of Ice Cream Cups

Ice cream cups are of different types. Conventionally they are made of paper or plastic but they may be made of edible material too. Edible ice cream cup, also known as ice cream cone is made of sweet pastry shell. Also called a poke or cornet, the ice cream cone is a sweet wafer.

Serving in Ice Cream Cups

Commercial ice cream is usually packaged in a ice cream cup which is covered by an easy-to- remove seal. The cup is designed attractively to tempt customers into buying it. Cones are filled with scoops of ice cream just before they are served. To serve at home, a pack of the ice cream cups may be bought and filled with ice cream and frozen to set.