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Banana Split

Banana split is a delicious ice cream based dessert, in which a banana is cut lengthwise from the middle and is topped with ice cream. A long dish, know by the name of boat is used to serve the dish in its classic form. Banana split serves as a classic treat.

Banana Split Recipe – Ingredients

The ingredients that are used in preparing banana split include one banana (split lengthwise), one scoop each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, strawberry topping, pineapple topping, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, maraschino cherries and crushed nuts.

Banana Split Recipe – Preparation

Though there are numerous variations of banana split recipe, yet in its classic form it is prepared with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, stuffed within the split banana in a row. The stuffed in vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream are topped with chocolate syrup, strawberry topping and pineapple topping respectively. Whipped cream, maraschino cherries and crushed nuts are used for garnishing banana split. The yummy dessert is ready to be served now.

Banana Split Recipe - Variations

  • Though most of the banana split recipes make use of toppings of pineapple, strawberries and chocolate syrup, yet some recipes may differ in terms of toppings used. Also, the ingredients used may vary in a few recipes.
  • A few recipes make use of caramel sauce in place of pineapple topping to make the dish a little different from other classic form of recipes.
  • Butter scotch sauce is used in some of the recipes, with chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce, used for topping the dessert.
  • Slightly warm caramel topping and warm hot fudge sauce are used in a few recipes of banana split.
  • Banana split is also prepared by making use of wet nuts, i.e. walnuts soaked in syrup. Such wet walnuts are sold commercially with ice cream fixings and cones.
  • A unique banana split recipe is prepared by making use of different flavors of ice cream, sprinkled with chopped butter finger, drizzled with chocolate flavor nestle syrup and topped with whipped cream and cherry.
  • Some of the recipes make use of melted semi sweet chocolate and slivered blanched almonds (for decoration) for preparing the luscious banana split dish.
  • Toasted pecans, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, dark rum, tasted pound cake or banana bread, and toasted and sweetened flaked coconut are used for preparing the dessert at times.
  • A few banana split recipes make use of various fruits like kiwifruit, orange, and sliced strawberries, to prepare the yummy dessert.

Banana Split Recipe - Types

A few well known banana split recipes include the following:

  • Banana Split Brownies : Banana split brownies serve as a wonderful dessert which makes use of bananas, banana pudding, brownies, strawberries, whipped topping and walnuts as the essential ingredients. Brownies are prepared initially by baking the mix of chopped walnuts and brownie batter. Banana pudding is prepared, spread over cool brownies, and topped with chopped walnuts. Thick slices of banana are placed over the top of pudding and the same process is repeated with strawberries. The prepared brownie based dessert is refrigerated. Whipped topping is sprayed over the top of pudding before serving, to augment flavor, taste and appearance of the dish.
  • Banana Split Trifle : This banana split recipe is really very delicious and is a great recipe for a family get together. A pudding is prepared with the help of milk and refrigerated. A bowl is taken and wafers, vanilla pudding, sliced bananas, chocolate syrup, wafers again, pineapple, chocolate pudding and whipped cream are arranged one above the other. The prepared dessert is refrigerated and garnished with cherries, pecans and a little chocolate syrup before serving.
  • Banana Split Shake : Banana split shake can be enjoyed either with a meal or can be enjoyed as a dessert. The shake is really filling. Bananas, cherries, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream and milk are taken together and blended in a blender. After a thick creamy texture is attained, the shake is poured in a glass or cup and topped with chipped cream and crushed walnuts to augment the flavor. It is served with a spoon. The shake can also be served with a little chocolate syrup poured at the top with a cherry in the middle. A pretty look would be attained by decorating the shake in this way.
  • Banana Split Cake : Banana split cake is a sweet and light dessert and is quite popular in picnics and summer barbeques. Flour brow sugar and confectioner’s sugar, nuts, butter, eggs, crushed pineapple, crushed nuts, cool whip, maraschino cherries and bananas are used to prepare the delicious banana split cake. The cake is chilled in refrigerator after it is baked. It is topped with cool whip, chocolate syrup, chopped nuts, and maraschino cherries before serving. This dessert goes well along with morning tea or coffee.