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Vanilla Ice Cream Vegan Style

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Who is in the mood to have ice cream? Today chef Darlene is going to show you how to make ice cream, but with a twist she is going to show you how to make vegan ice cream. Wow that sounds exciting, isn't it? Check out the video of the delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Vegan Style. Serve this amazing dessert with hot chocolate sauce, if desired.

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BarbM's picture
I loved your video and look forward to trying your ice cream recipe! One thing I wanted to check on...the straining bag. I think you said it was a paint straining bag. When looking for good quality bags online, I read that they have to be food-grade because if not, they could be toxic. I always thought they were all the same. So, it would be good to find out if the paint bags say they can be used for food. :)