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Hash Browns

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A delicious recipe for Potatoes served next to pancakes or any type of eggs.
  Potatoes 4 Medium (Should Serve 4 People With Omelets Or Grill Cheese Sandwiches)
  Cooking oil 1 Tablespoon
  Salt To Taste
  Pepper To Taste

I do not peel my potatoes, I like them with the skin on so first step is:
- Wash the potatoes well and scrape anything that does not look appealing off of them.
- Grate the potatoes in a big bowl
- Wash and squeeze the water out of the potatoes
- Heat up the oil in a skillet and before you add the potatoes, test the oil if it is sizzling hot
- Add your grated potatoes and spread in the skillet, when edges start to brown a little, flip the potatoes and continue cooking on the other side until golden brown and nice. It should take less than 5 minutes for each side to cook.Use high heat or high-medium heat, depending on your stove cooking temperature.
Enjoy with eggs ( add link) cooked any way you like or grill cheese sandwiches or all by themselves as a filling snack!

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Cook Time: 
10 Minutes

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i adore hash browns and would watch a video just to see the perfect end product. ur look sooo good! its making me hungry!! :D
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These are lovely hash browns. I'd like some helping of cheese on it.
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I am so in love with Hash browns! Have you tried it with cheese and corn topping with some hearb seasoning on it, mmh.. that would be so lovely! You can eat it as it is, I mean as a main dish for breakfast or as a mid-time filler too! Do try it out.