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Guacamole is an avocado based dip which originated in Mexico and it is usually served with tortilla chips. It is one of the most popular Super Bowl appetizers. It is a common accompaniment of chips and other similar snacks that are especially popular during the football season. The word “Guacamole” has Hispanic and Mexican roots. It is derived from Nahuatl (a language spoken in Central Mexico) from the words āhuacamolli. Ahuacamolli, is the split of words āhuacatl (="avocado") and molli (="sauce"). The sauce is prepared by mashing ripe avocadoes in molcajete. Mexicans team this sauce with almost all imaginable food items.

History of Guacamole

The history of the sauce can be traced to 500 B.C, when the Aztecs mashed avocados in molcajete, to prepare this sumptuous sauce. According to a legend, Aztec emperor Montezuma had appointed a woman to prepare guacamole, as the sauce was an important dish for the emperor, which he enjoyed with soft tortillas. Culinary historians believe that emperor’s home cook used green chilies, sea salt, avocados and tomatoes to prepare the sauce, which was delivered on special platter and served to the emperor.

When Spanish conquistadors came to Mexico, they saw Aztecs selling “ahuacamulli” sauce in the markets. They took the idea of this sauce and the avocado crop with them, but could not make the sauce taste the same. The sauce was considered to be one of the prime New World foods of that time. Travelers and sailors who came to Mexico ate them and popularized their tastes in faraway places and nicknamed it as "midshapman's butter”. Spaniards Anglicized "ahuacamolli" to guacamole, because they found difficulty in pronouncing the original name. Later on improvisations were made to the sauce, like adding cilantro and lime juice and serving the sauce with fried tortilla chips.

The sauce became famous in US during 1950’s along with other Mexican foods and is among the favorite Super Bowl appetizers. The home cooks appeared on scene with interesting variations of this sauce, where they used various ingredients to customize the sauce to appease their customers.

Guacamole Recipe- Suggested Ingredients

Guacamole dip is prepared by using avocado, chilies, tomato, onions, and cilantro. The commercial recipes are mostly creamy. This creamy avocado dip was prepared using smooth sauces such as mayonnaise or sour cream. Today some food critics blame that these smoothing agents were used to mask the flavor of avocadoes, while taking care of unnecessary fats in the soup.

Popular Guacamole Recipes

  • Montezuma's Revenge: This is the basic guacamole recipe and it gets spicy with the addition of jalapeno chilies, and pepper. Lime juice and lemon juice are added to the sauce to adjust its flavors.
  • Holiday: Pomegranate juice and jalapenos are added to the original recipe while preparing this sauce variation. During holidays, the sauce is served with spicy sweet potato pancakes.
  • Garlicky Holy: Yellow skinned onion, plum tomatoes and Hass avocados are used in the preparation of this guacamole variation. The garlicky holy textured sauce is served with blue corn tortilla chips.
  • Charred Corn: Lime, cilantro, and Serrano chilies are other additions to the recipe, other than the original ingredients. Flour tortillas or fried corn chips are served with this kind of sauce.
  • Roasted Corn: Roasted corn ears and crème fraiche are added to the original recipe. This sauce is served with tortilla chips.
  • Taqueria: White onion and plum tomatoes are used in the preparation of this sauce.
  • Red onions and pureed zucchini too are important ingredient variations used in the dip and this is especially popular as a Super Bowl appetizer.

Serving and Storing Guacamole

Normally ripe avocados are used for preparing the sauce. The sauce is preserved by squeezing the lemon juice. The layer of lime juice added on the top helps to retain the original color. The sauce is mostly served with tortilla chips, crackers and vegetable sticks. Various types of spices and vegetables can be added to enhance its flavor. For best results the sauce should be served fresh.

The guacamole is traditionally served with tortillas but a number of interesting variations have now cropped up making the dip taste and look even better.

Some of the best ways of serving it are:-

• Vegetables- Serving it along with a platter of sautéed or raw vegetables is a staunch favorite.

• Spreads- Can be used as a filling for sandwiches or as toppings for burgers and hot dogs.

• Garnish- Used frequently to decorate grilled fish or meat dishes.

• Condiment- Used as a condiment while consuming fries and omelets.

Variations of Guacamole Recipe

There are absolutely no limits when it comes to preparing guacamole. Imagination is the key for making the dish which comes in a number of variations as well.

The most popular forms of the dish are:-

• Sprinkled with orange juice instead of lime juice.

• Mixed with a spicy salsa.

• Served with a dollop of sour cream.

• Chunks of cottage cheese added to it.

All these combinations and variations are served with various snacks and finger foods during Super Bowl.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Avocado is high in fats and proteins. They are also a rich source of unsaturated fats, which are capable of lowering the blood cholesterol and stabilizing the heart beat rhythms. Avocados are also rich in vitamins. About 20 types of vitamins including B, E, K, and lutein are found in them, which are good for eyes. The avocados also contain fiber.

If half cup of salsa is added to guacamole then the sauce becomes power house of the nutrients with all vital nutrients such as potassium, vitamins and other compounds. It is inordinately high in fats although it is also full of good cholesterol. It acts as a healthy antioxidant which is beneficial for the heart, skin and hair. It was also considered to be an aphrodisiac by the Aztecs.

Guacamole: Trivia

  • The 15th of September is celebrated as the National Guacamole Day.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is also known as “Super Guacamole Day”, because of the highest sale of Guacamole. Moreover, the sale of avocado (the main ingredient of this dish) is also high during this time of the year.