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Revithia is a chick pea soup which belongs to Greek cuisine and is touted as a healthy and nutritious food. Revithia is easy to cook and is referred to as one- pot- wonder also. The soup makes an ideal Lenten food. This soup is relished in the winter months.

History And Origin of Revithia

Revithia has its origin in Greece and is a popular dish made in Greek villages. Traditionally the soup was prepared in a clay pot and was cooked over night.

This soup is a meal that is served during Lent, the fasts before Easter. There are many monasteries in Northern Greece where monks pray and fast. The soup is said to have its origin in one of those monasteries and that’s the reason it is also called Mt. Athos soup.

Method Of Preparation And Ingredients Used: Revithia Recipe
For the revithia recipe, the ingredients used are chickpeas, onions, rosemary, lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil, salt and pepper. The chickpeas are soaked overnight prior to cooking. Baking soda is added to the peas at the time of preparation. The chickpeas are kept aside for an hour. Later the peas are rinsed in water. The peas are boiled in water and once tender, onions and rosemary is added and the content of the pans are cooked for an hour. Lemon juice is added to the soup before serving.

Serving Revithia
The soup is served hot with olives and bread. Revithia is mostly relished as an appetizer before full course meal.

Nutritional Value: Revithia Recipe
A bowl of revithia soup is full of health and nutrition. The chickpeas provide the body with zinc, protein and folate. The fat and calorie content of the dish is low. A perfect food for vegetarians, this soup contains rich dietary fiber and is a healthy meal for all.