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Melitzano Salata

Melitzano salata or Greek eggplant salad or babaganoush, is a popular dip kind salad enjoyed with pita bread. It is Greek in origin.

History of Melitzano salata Recipe

This dish has been quite popular in Greece and other Mediterranean countries. The abundance of eggplant in these regions has made this dish popular. It is savoured by people all around the world for its fresh and unique flavour.

Popular Preparation Methods of the Dip Salad

Melitzano salata is rich and creamy in texture and is rustic in flavour. The eggplants are grilled and then the flesh is used to prepare this dish. According to the recipe, the other ingredients used to make this dip are garlic, lemon, olive oil and parsley. The flesh of the eggplant is combined with the other ingredients to arrive at this wonderful Greek dish. The eggplant is usually grilled in a griller but can also be grilled directly on a hob or can be cooked in a microwave. Also the original recipe suggests the use of a blender to make the dip, a pestle and mortar can be used to grind the ingredients and then mix them nicely with the mashed eggplant.

Serving and Eating of the Dip Salad

This dip is served as an appetizer or as a part of a cold meze in Greece. It goes well with the popular Greek drink ouzo. The dip is served along with a variety of other cold mezes and pitta bread. Melitzano salata dip is enjoyed as a part of lunch or dinner. It is served cold.

In other parts of the world this dish is also savoured as a side dish. This dip can be enjoyed any time of the year. It can be enjoyed with chicken, fish and with drinks like beer or wine.

Popular Variations of Melitzano salata Recipe

The foremost variation noticed is in the making of the dish. Instead of blender fork is used to mash the eggplant.

Parsley is not always a preferred ingredient for this dish. It is sometimes replaced by oregano.

Cumin is a popular seasoning added to this dish. Sometimes tomatoes are added to the dip to make it more flavourful. Yoghurt or mayonnaise is popular ingredients added to this dish. In few countries sesame paste or tahini is added to the dip. This gives the dip a unique flavour. Some people like the dip to be quite smoky in flavour. For this the eggplants are grilled more and sometimes charcoal is added to it while grilling.

Health and Nutrition Facts of the Dip Salad

Melitzano salata is very healthy. The calorie content is less and it has no cholesterol at all.