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Kourabiedes is a popular Greek cookie that is prepared from sugar and butter. These cookies are traditionally cooked with butter as the main flavoring and resemble shortbread in taste. They are also alternatively referred to as Kourabiethes or Kourambiedes.

History of Kourabiethes Cookie

Not much is known about the recipe and origin of this cookie. However, one version states that the crescent version of the cookie were prepared during the Turkish invasion of Greece. Once Greece got its independence, the original version was in the form of flat slices or shaped like little pears.

Kourabiedes Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

Traditionally, Kourabiedes are prepared with rose water or blossom water along with ewe’s or goat’s milk. Roasted almonds, lemon zest, orange zest, vanilla, confectioner’s sugar or honey are added for flavoring. Other flavorings are added etaxa brandy, Greek mastika, or ouzo. A dough is prepared and cookies are cut out for baking in the form of round cookies or half round crescents.

Serving and Eating Kourambiedes Cookie

Kourabiedes is typically served at Christmas time as a sweet cookie. The cookie is sprinkled with rose water and rolled in powdered sugar just before serving and they have a slightly crunchy texture due to the sugar. Before serving, the cookies are dusted with more powdered sugar which makes them look like snow covered lumps. Traditionally, these cookies were served at baptisms, and festive occasions. Now the cookies are prepared commercially at bakeries and they are also eaten at tea time.

Other Popular Kourabiethes Recipes

Traditionally, these cookies are prepared in Greece for festive occasions, but another Turkish version is also popular. It has the same ingredients as in Kourabiethes and is called the Chorabiye or Qurabiye. The taste is almost similar but this cookie is served on top of tea so that the hot tea can soften the cookie before serving. Russian tea biscuits or Mexican wedding cakes are also similar to the Kourabiethes.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Kourabiedes Cookie

One single cookie contains 111.9 calories. The total fat content is 6.4g; the cholesterol content is 18.4mg, the sodium content is 45.6g, the potassium content is 29g, and the total carbohydrate content is 12.3g. The high content of dry fruit makes the cookies very rich in vitamins and minerals.


A clove studded version of Kourabiedes is also prepared as an alternative cookie during the festive season.