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Greek Bread

Greek bread or Psomi - refers to any bread variant which is typical to Greece. A Greek meal is incomplete without the slices of traditional bread. Psomi has been a staple Greek dish especially during the testing financial times when most of the Greeks chose to survive on thick chunk of breads teamed with a piece of cheese, bean soup or vegetable soup.

Even today a typical Greek table is incomplete without fresh crusty bread. Also, the Greeks prefer to have complete breads rather than slices. Sliced breads are only used in the preparation of sandwiches. Bread making has evolved as a big market in Greece and in recent years it was noticed that large number of bakers have come out with breads that are served during special seasons, anniversaries and feasts.

Greek Bread Recipe Variants

  • Olive Bread: This bread is prepared using ingredients like lukewarm water, honey, olive oil, dry yeast, sea salt, whole meal flour, olives, onions and rosemary. This herbed bread is served as an appetizer along with a cup of black coffee. The bread is known as Eliopsomo throughout Greece.

  • Greek Christmas Bread: As the name suggests this bread is served during the Christmas and is prepared using ingredients such as warm water, active dry yeast, ground cinnamon, sugar, salt, egg, vegetable oil, milk, all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour. It comes with a topping of different types of dry fruits like raisins and walnuts. This bread is also served in neighboring countries during the Christmas celebrations with slight variations in choice of ingredients. The Greeks call it Hristougenniatiko psomi.

  • Cheese Bread: This bread is also known as tiropsomo and it is prepared using the self-raising flour, yogurt (preferably yogurt made up of sheep’s milk), baking powder, eggs, fetacheese, margarine, sesame and olive oil. The ingredients are mixed and the bread is baked in the same way as the regular bread and it’s dredged with sesame seeds. It is served with creamy fondues.

  • Fried Bread with Mitzhithra Cheese: This Greek bread is called 'Tiganito psomi me mitzithra' and it is prepared using dried yeast, flour, warm water, olive oil, salted mitzhithra cheese, oil and fresh or dried oregano. The bread dough is prepared using the flour, yeast and salt. The dough is divided into equal portions and stuffed alternatively with shredded Mitzhithra cheese and oregano. The bread is shaped round and baked until rosy in color and is served warm.

  • Garlic Bread: This bread is known as Skorthopsomo and it is very quick and easy to prepare too. It is baked using garlic, slices of crusty bread, margarine and salt. This garlic flavored Greek bread is eaten during breakfast.