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Gigandes Plaki

Gigandes plaki is a popular Greek bean dish made by combining giant beans and tomato puree. The meaning of this dish in English is giant baked beans.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Gigandes Plaki

The main ingredients according to Gigandes plaki recipes are Greek gigandes beans, tomatoes, olive oil, parsley, sugar, salt and onions. The beans are soaked overnight prior to cooking of the dish. The beans are boiled and tomatoes, onions, garlic are added. When the ingredients are cooked well, salt and sugar is also added. The beans are then baked in oven and garnished with chopped parsley before serving.

There are many variations in the Gigandes Plaki recipe. Lima beans can be used instead of giant beans in Gigandes Plaki recipe. At some places, garlic, carrot and celery is also used for cooking this dish.

Serving Suggestions For Gigandes Plaki

Usually the gigande plaki is served as a mini side dish with lunch and dinner; although some people eat this dish as a full meal lunch. This nutritious food is served with a variety of breads. A hot bowl of gigandes plaki is mostly savored during the winter months.

Nutritional Value of Gigandes Plaki

This dish comprises of beans and is thus a rich source of proteins. There is also a good amount of dietary fiber in this Greek food recipe. Due to the presence of tomatoes, the dish provides the body with numerous antioxidants.