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Galaktoboureko is a Greek custard made from semolina and phyllo as the main ingredients. It is like a pie or a pastry, but has a wonderful texture. It should be eaten fresh since refrigeration can change the texture of this sweet dessert. The Galaktoboureko recipe is quite elaborate but it is worth the effort. This dish cannot be served hot and it has to be topped with a sweet syrup of lemon or orange. Typically, the syrup should be absorbed by the pie/pastry to enrich its taste. Once prepared, it should be left for sometime to allow absorption. Galaktoboureko got its name from a Greek and Turkish word. Gala means milk in Greek and bourek means pie or pastry in Turkish.

History of Galaktobourekos

This dish has its origins in Greek and was flavored with lemon and orange syrup. The dough for this dessert is made of phyllo, also known as filo or fillo and it includes semolina refined with citron. This dish is also popular in Turkey.

Ingredients and Preparation Method of Galaktoboureko

The ingredients for this dish include phyllo, sugar, eggs, milk, semolina, vanilla beans, lemon or orange infused syrup and unsalted butter. Boil the milk and add semolina to it. The syrup can be brought from the market or prepared at home. It is quite easy to prepare the syrub for galaktoboureko recipe. The sugar and water along with lemon peel or orange peel are combined together. It takes approximately one and half hours to prepare galaktoboureko.

Serving Style

Serve it at room temperature and allow the orange/lemon infused syrup to be absorbed by the pie/pastry. It can also be served with ice cream.