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Feta Cheese

Feta cheese refers to white cheese having small holes, no skin, few cuts and a solid touch. It is a kind of brined curd which is prepared in various countries like Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. Feta is known as an aged cheese, which is produced in the form of blocks, with little grainy texture. Feta cheese has low fat content as compared to mozzarella and other regular forms of cheese. This cheese crumbles in an easy manner.

This cheese can be stored in frozen form for future use. The creamy, rich and tangy texture and flavor can be enjoyed once the cheese comes back to normal room temperature.

Also, various feta cheese recipes are available these days which make use of this soft and tangy cheese as an essential ingredient.

Origin of Feta Cheese

The origin of this cheese lies with Mediterranean region. However, this tangy, soft, salty and rich cheese is now popularly used world wide.

Uses of Feta Cheese

  • It is popularly used a table cheese.

  • It is used in preparing various salads.

  • This cheese is also used in baking various dishes.

  • It is used in preparation of various pastries too.

Production of Feta cheese

Feta is produced with cow’s milk, where curdled milk along with rennet is taken apart and drained in cloth bag or special mold. Thereafter, the prepared cheese is cut into big slices which are salted and packed in large barrels, containing brine.

Popular Feta Cheese Recipes

There are various feta cheese recipes popular worldwide. These include the following:

Feta cheese dip

This recipe is prepared by combining crumbled cheese, olive oil, lemon juice, and vegetable broth. All the ingredients are mixed well until a creamy and smooth texture is attained. This dip is used with pizzas and breads.

Feta cheese cream

All the ingredients, i.e. feta, sour cream, olive oil, red chili (sliced and seeded), crushed garlic, fresh thyme, black pepper (ground), and sliced spring onions are collected together and blended until the mixture becomes smooth. This cream can be served with vegetable sticks and crusty fresh bread.

Feta cheese and mint rice

Sliced onions are sautéed in a pan with hot oil, and rice and vegetable broth are added and cooked. Feta, mint, and rice dish are combined together and the dish is seasoned with pepper and salt, and served.

Vegetable soup with feta cheese

This is one of the popular feta cheese recipes. Onions and garlic are cooked in a pan with hot oil, various vegetables and potatoes are added, cooked and seasoned with pepper and salt. Lemon juice is added as per taste. More water is added if required, so as to attain soup form. The soup is then poured into various bowl and sprinkled with feta and parsley.

Beetroot and feta salad

Beetroot is taken and wrapped in foil, placed on baking tray, and roasted until tender. Vinegar, mustard and oil are mixed together, seasoned with pepper and salt, and chopped shallots are added. Beetroot is then unwrapped, peeled, sliced, and chopped. Dressing is used for tossing the beetroot. Parsley leaves and more dressing are added before serving. Feta cheese is scattered and the salad is served.