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Bougatsa is a type of Greek pastry that basically contans cheese, custard or minced meat filling amidst layers of phyllo. It is a favorite greek breakfast. It originated in Greece within the Macedonia region of Northern Greece and is particularly popular in Thessaloniki, a northern Greek port. The dish is also served in Iraklion, Chania and Crete. It is called bougatsa Chanion in Chania and is available in bakeries and pastry shops from early morning till noon.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation According to the Bougatsa Recipe
Ingredients include milk, lemon sugar semolina, vanilla, melted butter and phyllo dough.Traditionally Greek bougatsa is made by rolling and stretching phyllo dough into thin strips to the extent that it is almost transparent. This is usually done by hand or with the use of a rolling pin. A cream or sometimes meat filling is then introduced with the phyllo dough being wrapped around it. Once baked, it is dusted with a thin layer of sugar and cinnamon before being sliced and served.

Nowadays many modern sellers prepare the dish by using machines as the traditional process is quite labor intensive. However, bakeries and cafes that sell handmade bougatsa still exist, particularly in smaller Greek villages and towns.

On June 1st 2008, the town of Serres achieved an interesting milestone. They bagged the record for the largest bougatsa which weighted 250 kg and measured 60 cm thick and 20 metres long. It took 40 bakers to prepare this and the entire event was filmed and aired on television.