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Gropello refers to a red colored grape variety, which is used in the production of red wine, popularly known as red Italian Gropello wine. Gropello is widely used as a synonym for grape variety Rossignola, where the wine produced in known as Rossignola wine. A wine by the name of Valtenesi Rosso is one of the popular blends of Rossignola or Gropello grape variety, which is largely found in Lombardy, Italy, in DOC Brescia, where the wine competes very well with other well-liked wines like Bardolino and Valpolicella from Veneto DOC.

Gropello wine is best characterized as beautifully colored wine, infused with almond finish, enriched with citrus fragrance, flowery nose, fresh taste, salty tone, and cranberries’ essence. The spicy and fruity taste of the wine is highly pleasing to people, thus making it a well accepted wine in Italy, which is meant to be consumed early. The grape derived its name from its clusters’ shape, which look like pine cone in a compact form.

Regions Producing Gropello or Rossignola Grape Variety

Italyis the only country where Rossignola type of grape is grown in abundance. The two various regions in Italy which are involved in the production of this grape variety include Veneto and Lombardy.

Variations of Rossignola Grape

There are various variations of the Rossignola grape, with two most popular ones including gropello di Mocasina and gropello gentile, where there may be a little change in the flavor of the resultant wine depending upon the Rossignola grape variety used in the preparation process.

Aging Process of Gropello Wine

The Gropello or Rossignola wine is popularly known as “one night wine”, where the fermentation process of the juice or fluid of the grapes is allowed to take place for only a few hours.

Food Pairing for Rossignola or Gropello Wine

The Rossignola wine goes very well along with salads, seafood, white meats, appetizers, soft cheese, and cold cuts.