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Couscous Balls

Couscous ball is a delicious and healthy snack which consists of small balls prepared by using couscous as one of the main ingredients. Couscous, being a species of pasta belonging to North African region, is one of the staple foods of Africans and therefore couscous balls recipe is also quite popular there. Additionally, these crispy fried balls are also a part of Mexican and Italian cuisine.

Ingredients and Preparation

The ingredients commonly used for couscous ball recipe includes couscous, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and oil. Other vegetables like carrots and zucchini are also included at times to enhance the flavor of the dish. The usage of cheese is also common for making couscous balls and it lends a creamy and cheesy taste to the dish.

To make couscous balls, first couscous is prepared by following the traditional African recipe or by following the package directions. Once it settles at room temperature, it is mixed with onion, garlic, seasoning and cheese. Small rounds are prepared from the mixture and each ball is rolled over bread crumbs. The prepared balls are refrigerated for at least half an hour and once set; they are fried in heated oil until golden.


Couscous balls make an excellent party food or an appetizer along with the main course. These balls taste good when served with dips and sauces of choice. The commonly used garnish or toppings for couscous balls include mint, basil or parsley leaves, a slice of lemon or sprinkling of spice powder.


  • Stuffed Couscous Balls โ€“ These delicious balls are quite popular in American cuisine and are usually stuffed with walnuts and cheese. The balls are deep fried and served hot in tomato vinaigrette.

  • Couscous Balls With Pine Nut โ€“ It is one of the popular couscous ball recipes which make use of pine nuts along with couscous for making deep fried couscous balls. These balls are commonly served in garlic flavored spicy tomato sauce.

  • Lentil And Couscous Balls โ€“ This is one of the interesting variations of couscous balls which makes use of cooked lentils, tomatoes, garlic and seasoning along with couscous. Once the ingredients are combined, plum shaped lentil and couscous balls are made and baked until golden. These balls are often used as salad topping or stuffing for pita.