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Leftover Goose

Leftover Goose refers to popular goose meat preparations of North America that are made with leftover meat of goose. There are many dishes that can be prepared with goose meat, which include sandwiches, risottos, pies, hotpots, soups, pastas and many more dishes that call for a poultry base. Goose, especially stuffed and roasted goose is a popular dish during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Leftover Goose Risotto, Chinese Wraps with Leftover Goose and Sage Flavored Leftover Goose are a few popular dishes.


Leftover goose dishes have been popular in the US for a long time, though there is no recorded history of the same. It especially gained popularity during Christmas and Thanksgiving, when most people did not want to waste the leftover meat, the day after the festival. Thus, they found different ways of using the meats like goose, chicken, turkey, beef, etc., and cooked some delicious dishes. Today, there are a variety of leftover goose recipes that are popular not only in the US, but in Europe as well.

Popular Leftover Goose Recipes

  • Leftover Goose Risotto – This wholesome rice dish is made by stir frying rice with chopped shallots, onions and garlic in olive oil. Risotto rice (carnaroli or Arborio) is added to the onions mixture to which simmered chicken stock is added and cooked till the rice turns translucent. Green peppercorns are added to the rice and cooked till the stock is almost absorbed and the rice is al dente. Sautéed chestnut mushrooms and shredded leftover goose meat are added along with herbs (such as sage, rosemary, chives and tarragon), salt and ground black pepper. All the ingredients are stirred in well and the rice is served hot with a green salad, if desired.
  • Sage Flavored Leftover Goose – This very simple British dish involves cooking sliced leftover goose meat in gravy made of sautéed onion and flour (in unsalted butter or goose fat). Sage is added to the dish for flavoring the meat. The contents are simmered and salt and pepper are added to taste.
  • Chinese Wraps with Leftover Goose – This is another “quick to make” dish using leftover meat of goose. Chinese pancakes are filled with a mixture of fried carrot and onion slices, small strips of goose meat and lettuce, which have been flavored with Chinese five-spice powder and sweet chili sauce. A little cranberry sauce too can be added for taste.