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Mannheim food refers to the food eaten in Manheim, a city in the Southwestern region of Germany. The cuisine of the city shows influences of Palatinate, Badensian and Swabian cuisines. International cuisine foods can easily be found in the many restaurants of the city. Pavement cafes and beer gardens of the city are other places to enjoy Mannheim food. The food is lightly flavored and not too spicy.

Common Ingredients in Mannheim Food

Commonly used meat ingredients include pork and beef, of which pork is more popular. Poultry items like chicken, duck, turkey and goose also find their way to various dishes. Vegetables are used in various dishes, most often in stews and soups, and common ones are carrots, spinach, turnips, beans, cabbage, broccoli and asparagus. Potato is a popular ingredient, which is used in boiled or fried form. Flavoring herbs used include thyme, parsley, chives, laurel, cinnamon and black pepper. Recent additions to the herbs and spices category are oregano, basil, chili peppers and sage. Horseradish is used as a condiment, and cardamom and anise are used for flavoring cakes and beverages, particularly during Christmas time.

Popular Dishes of Mannheim Cuisine

Noodle dishes are quite popular in Mannhein, and Spätzle is a traditionally popular variety made of maultaschen and egg yolk. Schupfnudel are potato noodles that are similar to the Italian gnocchi. French fries, also called Pommes frites or Pommes, form a popular side dish. They are eaten with tomato ketchup or mayonnaise, or with both in the form of pommes rot-weiß.

Sandwiches with various kinds of fillings are a popular breakfast or evening snack in Mannheim. Cakes and tarts are popular desserts, and fruits like apples, cherries, strawberries and plums are used to make cakes. Obstler is a famous spirit distilled from apples and pears. Another popular element of Mannheim food are pretzels, which are baked food items made in knot like shapes, in sweet or savory variants, and decorated with glazes, sugar or salt crystals, or nuts.