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Leipzig food is the food eaten in Leipzig, the largest city of the German state of Saxony. The city is famous for its good food and hospitality, and the cuisine is a mix of cuisines from various regions of Germany, including Lusatia, Ore Mountain region, Vogtland, Elbauen, etc. The first German coffee bar is known to have opened in Leipzig, and the coffee and cake tradition of the city has now spread to other parts of Germany as well. The city is also famous for its pastries and other baked products. The recipes in the city have evolved after access to exotic and luxurious ingredients. Beers like Wernesgrüner and Radeberger are popular here.

Popular Dishes from Leipzig Cuisine

  • Potato Dumplings: Potato dumplings are a very popular form of Leipzig food, and they show many recipe variations. They may be made of cooked and mashed potato, or of raw potato. The former have a light form while the latter have a grainy, heavier texture. The dumplings are cooked in boiling salted water, and are considered done when they rise to the surface of the water. They taste best when fresh.

  • Buttermilk Potato Pancakes (Buttermilchgetzen): They are pancakes made with potato, eggs, bacon, onions and buttermilk.

  • Eiersche area has a number of places which serve food and drink in a lively environment with music and rustic ambience. The "Zum Arabischen Coffee Baum" is a famous traditional coffee house that has stood the test of time in terms of popularity.The Auerbachs Keller restaurant has been serving traditional Leipzig food since historic times.