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Bienenstich, also known as "Bee Sting Cake" is a German dessert prepared from sweet yeast dough having baked-on topping of caramelized sliced almonds and filled with cream, buttercream or custard.


According to a story, a bee was attracted towards this cake and the baker who prepared it was stung by the bee. This cake may have got its name from its topping which is honey.

Accoridng to another story, a 15th century enterprising baker drove away raiders in his territory with beehives and later, celebrated his success with the Bienenstich, which thus earned the name " Bee Sting Cake".

Ingredients and Preparation

The main ingredients that go into making the Bienenstich are

1. Dough – A sweet yeast dough is prepared by using all purpose flour, butter, granulated sugar, instant yeast, salt, and eggs

2. Topping – Caramelized topping is prepared by using butter, granulated sugar, honey, heavy cream, and sliced almonds

3. Filling – Preparation of filling makes use of unflavored gelatin, heavy cream, instant vanilla pudding mix, and milk

Health and Nutrition Facts

Serving size – 100 g

Approximate values per serving (Calories - 345 cal, Fat – 20 g, Carbohydrates – 35 g, Protein – 6 g, Saturated fat – 10 g, Cholesterol – 120 mg, Sodium – 190 mg, Sugars – 26 g, Dietary fiber – 1.1 g)

Nutritional Benefits of Bienenstich:

1. Contains Dietary fiber

2. Contains minerals such calcium and iron

3. Contains vitamin A

Health Benefits

1. Honey is always very good for our body’s immune system.

2. Almonds are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Eggs contain Calcium and Iron. Calcium is required for the healthy bones and teeth. Iron helps in the formation of hemoglobin which in turn aids in transportation of oxygen in body.

4. Butter contains Vitamin A helps in enhancement of night vision.

5. Bienenstich also contains small quantity of Dietary fiber which helps in digestion.

Disadvantage: Bienenstich is - i) High in Fats – butter and cream, ii) High in Sodium, and iii) High in sugars

Health concerns

1. Bienenstich is high in sodium hence can create risk for the people already suffering from hypertension.

2. It is high in fats and sugars. Hence fatty, obese and diabetic people should avoid it.

3. It contains significant quantity of cholesterol as well which is not good for health especially for the person suffering from coronary heart diseases.