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Augsburg, Germany is famous for the traditional Augsburg food that is a combination of both Swabian and Bavarian food.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Augsburg Cuisine

The city was originally founded by Emperor Augustus and it quickly became the capital of the Roman province of Raetia. A 400-year-affiliation with the Roman Empire made sure that the city has several ancient varieties of Augsburg Food. The city was the intersection for several trade routes that resulted in an influx of different cultures and cooking techniques from all over the world. Successive invasions by the Huns, Swedes, and even by France resulted in the current culture and food that is consumed on a day to day basis in the city.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Augsburg Cuisine

One third of the city is made up of green spaces and forests and fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year round. Meat is plentiful and most dishes are a mix of meat and vegetables that are eaten at every meal. Beef, veal, pork and chicken are the most popular varieties. Game is available during season and is cooked regularly. The current influx of people has however resulted in a very large ethnic population and almost every kind of food can be found in the city.

Popular Augsburg Cuisine Foods

Augsburg food constitutes several local dishes that are often cooked for special occasions. The most popular dishes are as follows-

  • Weisswurst is a Bavarian special mid morning snack. The dish is prepared from minced pork and veal and flavored with fresh spices. It is consumed with German mustard and is eaten with pretzels.
  • Leberkäse or German meatloaf is individually prepared by different local butchers. Pork, veal, and beef are used according to individual choices. Bavarian versions also use fresh beef, pork and lard to create local versions of the meatloaf.
  • Leberknödel is a dish made with bread dumplings that are cooked in an onion and liver dish.
  • Wurstsalat is a salad of different varieties of sausages, lettuce and onion.

Places Famous for Augsburg Cuisine

The city is an ethnic melting pot of several cultures at present and almost every kind of food is available in specialty restaurants. However, the restaurants that serve local Augsburg food are:

  • Restaurant Ratskeller which is very popular with the locals prepares local food along with lighter international cuisine.
  • Stadtmarkt or City Market is a smaller venue that sells to-go food with a larger repertoire of local as well as international cuisine.
  • Restaurant Die Ecke offers specialty wild game and meats that are prepared according to local Bavarian and Swabian cooking styles.
  • Restaurant und Brasserie Hauptis also famous for its authentic Swabian and Bavarian cuisine.
  • Charlie Bräu serves authentic local beer along with a rich Bavarian cuisine


Beer gardens where beer is served outdoors with local Augsburg food and snacks are patronized quite regularly by locals and tourists.