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  Blanched almonds/1/2 pound almond meal 1⁄2 Pound
  Bitter almonds/1/2 teaspoon almond extract 5
  Vanilla/1/2 teaspoon rose water / orange-flower water 1 Teaspoon
  Egg whites 2 , unbeaten
  Icing sugar 4 1⁄2 Cup (72 tbs), sifted

Grind the almonds in a blender (or mincer using the finest blade).
Grind a second time if necessary until almonds are pastelike.
Stir in flavoring and egg whites.
Work in the icing sugar until mixture resembles a stiff dough.
Knead on a board sprinkled with icing sugar until smooth.
Pat out and cut into small shapes or mold into little pears, peaches, bananas, potatoes, strawberries, oranges, apples, etc.
Marzipan may be colored before shaping.
Divide paste into small amounts and work a few drops of vegetable coloring into each lot until tinted as naturally as possible.
After tinting and shaping, dry at room temperature until surface is firm or place shapes on a sheet of note paper on a cooky sheet and dry in a warm oven (250F) until surface is set, about 15 minutes.
After drying, paint the surfaces with thin, tinted confectioners' icing made by mixing sifted icing sugar with unbeaten egg white and your choice of vegetable coloring.
Apply with a small watercolor brush.
After adding blushes, streaks, spotted areas, cloves for blossom ends and tiny twigs for stems return the shapes to the warm oven again until the paint dries.
Cool completely.

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Marzipan Fruits Recipe