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Traditional Pfeffenuse cookie

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Chef John Gallagher from The Restaurant School in Philadelphia, PA prepares Pfeffenuse, a traditional German Cookie. Chef Gallagher is cooking in Miele showroom in Princeton New Jersey for Philadelphia Magazines Guide to Holiday Entertaining.
For cookie
  Shortening 2 Teaspoon
For finishing
  Fondant icing 1 Tablespoon
  Cookie 1
  Brown sugar 3⁄4 Cup (12 tbs)
  Shortening 1⁄8 Teaspoon
  Honey 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Egg 1 Large
  Milk 1⁄8 Cup (2 tbs)
  Baking soda 1 1⁄4 Tablespoon
  Cinnamon 1 1⁄4 Tablespoon
  Crushed anise seed 3⁄4 Cup (12 tbs)
  Salt 1 1⁄4 Teaspoon
  Citron peel 1 Ounce, diced
  Orange peel 2 Tablespoon, diced
  Lemon peel 2 Tablespoon, diced
  Ground walnuts 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Cake flour 4 3⁄4 Cup (76 tbs)
  Egg whites 8 Ounce
  Icing 1 Cup (16 tbs)

In a standing mixer with a paddle attachment, beat the brown sugar and the shortening until light and creamy. Add the honey, eggs, milk, baking soda, cinnamon, crushed anise seed and the salt. Stir till blended. Scrape the bowl with a rubber spatula, especially the bottom of the bowl. Mix the peels and the nuts with the flour. Stir into the cookie mixture and mix till combined. Remove the mix from the bowl and chill briefly. This will make the dough easier to shape. Roll the dough into tubes about 1” thick. Slice the tubes into individual cookies about ½” thick. Dust the cookies with all-purpose flour. (I prefer rye flour as it complements the taste) Roll the cookies into small balls. Place the cookies onto parchment paper lined sheets and bake in a 350° oven until slightly firm. (Approx. 15 minutes depending on your oven and how big you rolled the cookies!) Remove from the oven and prepare the finishing recipe.

Whip the egg whites with an electric mixer until a soft peak is formed. Melt the fondant in a small pot over a medium flame until the fondant comes to a boil. Be careful not to overheat the fondant it will burn! Pour the fondant very slowly into the egg whites while they are whisking. The eggs must be whipping at the time you pour the fondant in or they will cook and you will have to start all over again. Whip until the egg whites are a medium to stiff peak.

To finish the cookies, place some of the baked cookies into a large bowl. Only fill half way or you may crush the cookies. Add a handful of the whipped whites. Fold the meringue and the cookies together gently to fully coat the cookies. Then add a scoop or two of powdered sugar to the cookies and fold again to fully coat the cookies. Place in a large sifter and roll the cookies around. This will round them and make them look perfect. Continue this procedure for all of the cookies.

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Lacto Ovo Vegetarian
Honey, Milk Product
Would like to try out Pfeffenuse which are traditional German cookie that are absolutely delicious. Watch this excellent video that shares this fabulous recipe along with great tips and wonderful techniques. Try out these cookie coming holidays and enjoy!

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Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 6162 Calories from Fat 993

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 115 g177.4%

Saturated Fat 15.1 g75.3%

Trans Fat 9.4 g

Cholesterol 214.5 mg71.5%

Sodium 8372.6 mg348.9%

Total Carbohydrates 1203 g400.8%

Dietary Fiber 123.3 g493.1%

Sugars 496.8 g

Protein 173 g345.5%

Vitamin A 23.2% Vitamin C 264.5%

Calcium 211.9% Iron 404.5%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

Traditional Pfeffenuse Cookie Recipe Video