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Jello Parfait

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This jello parfait is a great dessert simply because you can make it with any flavor of choice. combined with carnation milk and whipped, the jello parfait is chilled till set and can be garnished as desired.
  Jello 3 1⁄2 Ounce (Any Flavor, 1 Package)
  Carnation 2% evaporated milk 1 Can (10 oz), chilled

In deep bowl, prepare Jello as per package directions.
Chill until partially set.
Add chilled carnation milk.
Whip until thick and creamy; it will quadruple or more in volume.
Pour into dessert dishes or parfait glasses or large serving bowl.
Garnish as per Jello flavour.
Chill until set.

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I would call this "easy" rather than "average" difficulty. It would be helpful to know what size Jello (I used 3 oz) and what size can of evaporated milk (I used the larger size). It looks really pretty in saucer champagne glasses but we haven't served it yet. This yielded the equivalent of six wine glasses. I hope it's good because it's light and simple. Thanks.
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Lack of amounts made this risky. With large can of evaporated milk and 3-oz Jello mix, too bland to bother eating.
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Can i subsitute the can of evaporated milk for whip cream?
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my grandmother made this but put it into a graham cracker favorite dessert 70+ years ago.
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What size can of milk do you use>\>