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Tauco is a Chinese Indonesian specialty in the form of paste. This paste is typically prepared with the fermented soybeans. Used as a condiment and flavoring agent in various Indonesian soups and stir-fried dishes, this paste has many culinary used in other cuisines as well, such as Javanese cuisine and Sudanese cuisine.

Origin of Fermented Tauco

The origin of Tauco is believed to be in Indonesia and Cianjur, West Java is still the largest center of production of this fermented paste. However, the name of this paste originated from the Chinese ‘Hokkian’ dialect.

Preparation Overview of Fermented Tauco

Indonesian salted yellow beans or Chinese salted black beans can be used to make tauco. However, commercially packed paste is easily available in Thai, Indonesian and Chinese food stores. The paste is generally brown in color and quite thick.

It is available in both sweet and salty flavors and used according to the different recipes. The yellow or black beans are specially preserved in salt or sugar for some time in order to get the flavored beans for fermentation. The fermentation process lasts for few days and finally the beans are grinded to a paste.

The texture of the tauco is sometimes chunky and quite often it is smooth, resembling peanut butter. However, the color of this paste varies from light yellow to chocolate brown or sometimes black.

The best feature of this fermented paste is its quality of blending with various kinds of foods such as chicken, mutton, fish and vegetables.

Commonly Prepared Dishes with Fermented Tauco

Tauco has various culinary uses and some of the popularly made dishes with it are as follows:

  • Tahu tauco – It is an Indonesian tofu dish that calls for fermented soya bean paste to smother the tofu.
  • Kakap tahu tausi – It is a stir-fried dish containing red snapper and tofu flavored with soya bean paste.
  • Swikee oh – It is a tauco flavored soup dish containing frog legs. This dish is quite popular in Chinese Indonesian cuisine.
  • Pie oh – It’s a softshell turtle soup based on soya bean paste.

Dishes Similar to Fermented Tauco

Miso, the famous Japanese soybean paste is quite similar to tauco, but it contains rice and barley as well. However, both these Indonesian and Japanese pastes are having similar uses of flavoring the soup, and stir-fried dishes.

Nutritional Value of Fermented Tauco

Being a soybean paste, tauco is a protein-rich food. It is extremely healthy as it has very low-fat content and less calories.