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Scrambled Egg

Scrambled egg is a dish containing curd-like chunks of egg made by coagulating beaten egg white and yellow over fire with seasonings in some fat. Often golden yellow in color, this savory dish is an often preferred partner for breakfast toast and other dishes. A scrambled eggs recipe may comprise variations of the basic recipe with addition of extra ingredients.

Scrambled Eggs- Commonly Used Ingredients
The primary ingredient of scrambled egg is obviously the egg, the one from the chicken being the most preferred option. The albumen and yolk are both used in preparation of scrambled egg. Salt, pepper and cooking fat/oil are the other ingredients are also included in the basic scrambled eggs recipe. Cream, butter, milk or oil is added to the dish during preparation for imparting spongy texture to the egg curds. Variations of the scrambled eggs recipe may include the usage of vegetables, cheese or ham depending upon the taste of the consumer.

Scrambled Eggs Recipe- Preparation
Preparation of the scrambled egg is a quick and easy process. The yellow and whites of the eggs are whisked till well-blended and the softening ingredients are added during the blending process. Salt and pepper along with suitable seasonings of choice are blended in and the liquid is poured into a skillet in which it is stirred over low heat. Best preparation of the dish takes place when the scrambled egg is cooked over low heat with constant stirring. The process results in creamy coagulated masses of egg. Care should be taken that the scrambled eggs are cooked till they are just done as cooking them more will destroy the flavor that it attains when tender. Therefore, they are cooked till the egg curds attain a light yellow color. Ideally the cooked scrambled egg attains a moist and creamy texture. At times, there many be some liquid in the prepared dish which indicates improper cooking or the inclusion of overcooked vegetables with a high water content.

Unconventional ways of Preparing Scrambled Eggs
The scrambled egg may be prepared in ways different from the one discussed above. It may be cooked in a double boiler in which case, though cooked perfectly without constant stirring, it is a very favorable process as it is pretty tie consuming. A scrambled eggs recipe of the modern times, may also suggest its preparation in a microwave oven, and though the process is a very fast one it requires constant attention from the chef to prevent its burning and the quality of the dish this prepared is inferior to the one prepared in the conventional way. Scrambled egg may also be prepared on a stove. Another method of preparing the dish is to pass steam through the egg liquid along with butter in a manner similar to the preparation of the espresso with the help of a steam wand which results in a light and fluffy version of the dish.

Scrambled eggs recipe – Serving Suggestions
The scrambled egg is traditionally eaten as an accompaniment dish with a range of main course dishes. It is the item of choice for toasts when served with toasts, pancakes or hash browns. It is also served with two or three varieties of meat like sausages, bacon or ham. Though it is commonly served as an accompaniment dish, it can also be eaten independently with condiments which most often happen to be sauces like the Worcestershire sauce, tomato ketchup or hot sauce. Though commonly eaten as an everyday dish, gourmet version of the dish are often included in party menus in which case it may be presented appealingly in a silver dish. An interesting way of serving the dish is in croustades( which are similar to pies) which are hollowed out and filled with scrambled egg.

Variations of Scrambled Eggs Recipe
Scrambled Egg is made use of in the preparation of a number dishes:
• scrambled eggs à l'arlésienne – this dish is essentially a croustade made courgette with scrambled egg filling. The scrambled egg, in this case is made with tomato fondue with garlic flavoring and zucchini pulp. The dish is garnished with Parmesan cheese.
• Scrambled eggs with soy- this dish is prepared by mixing scrambled egg with soy sauce. The dish is often served as an accompaniment to congee (a type of Asian porridge).
• Migas- this is a Tex_Mex dish prepared by adding Mexican tortilla to the scrambled eggs. Meat and vegetables are optional ingredients which may be added to the dish.

Scrambled Egg - Health Facts
Scrambled egg can be made quite healthy, depending upon the way it is prepared. With protein and vitamins of the egg, it is one of the most nutritious and wholesome meals that is prepared in a less time. However, by using low calorie substitutes for milk and butter, the dish can be reduced in the number of calories it has.