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Butter Fudge

Butter Fudge, a popular dessert, is a creamy butter-based confection. It can be made with or without chocolate.

Preparation of Butter Fudge

The basic butter fudge may be prepared with butter, milk, sugar, and corn syrup with vanilla flavoring. The ingredients are boiled together till the mixture reaches the soft ball stage. Vanilla flavoring and nuts are added. The mixture is spread on a greased surface and allowed to cool till it becomes firm. It is then cut into fudge squares. The dessert can also be chilled before cutting for attaining the desired firmness.

Variants of the Butter Fudge

Chocolate butter fudge is made by adding cocoa powder to the other ingredients of the mixture before boiling. Peanut butter is added along with chopped peanuts for peanut-flavored butter fudge.

Butter Fudge Recipes

Popular Butter Fudge Recipes include Brown Butter Fudge, Crumbly Butter Fudge, Vanilla Butter Fudge and Lemon Butter Fudge.