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Fruit Drink

Fruit drink is referred to any kind of drink containing fruit juice or fruit pulp. Basically, all kind of smoothies, fruit juices and sweetened fruit beverages comes under the category of fruit drink recipes. Fruit drink is available in various forms and colors. Sometimes, artificial coloring and flavors are also added to give a nice touch to the drink. Canned, bottled and tetra packed drinks are easily available in the market. These drinks are also widely used in making cocktails and mocktails. The vibrant colors of fruit drink are the main highlight of any mixed drink. Some of the most popular fruit drink recipes are lemonade, orangeade and banana smoothie.

History of Fruit Drink Recipes

Though there is no specific evidence related to the origin of fruit drink, it is said that pureed fruit drink or smoothies were first introduced in 1930 in West Coast of United States. These smoothies were based on the Brazilian recipes. In 1940, for the first time, the recipes were published in the cookbooks. These drinks become largely popular in United States as health drinks and started available at almost all health stores and ice cream vendors.

Ingredients Prescribed by Fruit Drinks

As name suggests, fruit drinks mainly contains the fruit extract. The fruit juice or puree may be blended with sugar or sugar syrup to make delicious recipes. For commercial purposes, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors are usually added. Preservatives are also common while making commercial fruit drink. As an example, a smoothie contains any kind of fruit puree, mainly banana and strawberry. In addition to this, it may include honey, frozen fruit pieces and crushed ice. Few fruit drinks contain yogurt and milk for extra smoothness and rich flavor. For health conscious people, fruit drink is also available with health and nutritional supplements. Fruit flavored green tea and soy milk is quite popular. Fruit punches with fresh fruit pieces are widely served in large parties. These are often called mixed fruit drinks.

Method of Preparation of Fruit Drink Recipes

Fruit drink is typically prepared by extracting the juice from the fruit. The extraction is either done manually or through machines. Few recipes include fruit puree; hence, blenders are used for this purpose. The fruit juice or puree is then mixed with sweeteners. Sugar syrup or honey is mainly included and blended well with the fruit extract. Other ingredients, such as flavors and colors are also added while storing the juice in the bottle or can.

Serving of Fruit Drinks

Fruit drink can be consumed at any time of day. It is a very light drink that can be served either as an appetizer or after meals. Smoothies are often takes as breakfast drinks. Fresh fruit drinks are also consumed with breakfast dishes. Fruit drink is a refreshing drink, hence during summers; it can be taken chilled along with meals.

Health Facts Related to Fruit Drink

Fruit drink is indeed a healthy drink. Fresh fruit drink is always preferred, but canned drinks are also good for those who don’t have any health problems related to extra weight and diabetes. Canned drinks usually contain sweeteners and artificial flavors that are not actually good for health, if consumed regularly. Homemade fruit drinks are the best option for healthy diet. Drinks containing health supplements are excellent source of essential nutrients.