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Fruit A La Mode

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  Sugar 50 Milliliter (1/4 Cup)
  Vanilla 5 Milliliter (1 Teaspoon)
  Water 250 Milliliter (1 Cup)
  Peaches 4 Large, blanched, peeled and halved
  Strawberries 250 Milliliter, hulled and halved (1 Cup)
  Raspberries 250 Milliliter (1 Cup)
  Fine sugar 30 Milliliter (2 Tablespoons)
  Cointreau 30 Milliliter (2 Tablespoons)
  Vanilla 100 Gram (4 Large Scoops Of 25 Grams Each)
  Ice cream 1 Liter
  Whipped cream 1 Cup (16 tbs)

Place sugar, vanilla and water in saucepan; bring to boil.
Continue cooking 2 to 3 minutes over medium heat.
Add peaches and cook 2 minutes over medium heat.
Remove pan from heat and let fruit cool in syrup.
Puree strawberries and raspberries in food processor.
Transfer to nonstick frying pan and stir in fine sugar.
Cook 3 minutes over medium heat.
Add liqueur and cook 1 more minute over high heat.
Force mixture through sieve into bowl.
Spoon a bit of berry sauce into bottom of glass dessert dishes.
Add a half peach and follow with scoop of ice cream.
Cover with another peach half, top with berry sauce and decorate with whipped cream.

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Fruit A La Mode Recipe