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Parade Of Fruit Tray

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  Pear surprises 8
  Canned apricots 8 (Whole)
  Pineapple rings 8
  Stewed prunes 8
  Preserved kumquats 8
  Canned peach halves 8
  Cranberry orange relish   Cup (0 tbs)
  Frosted grapes   Cup (0 tbs)
  Spiced crab apples   Cup (0 tbs)

Pear Surprises: Drain chilled canned pear halves.
Pat dry with paper toweling.
Fill hollow of each with cream cheese.
Put a red cherry, pitted date, or fig in between two pear halves.
Seal halves of pears together with softened cream cheese.
Using pastry tube, pipe cream-cheese ruffle along edges.
Chill all fruit, then drain canned and stewed fruit.
On bed of salad greens, arrange pears, apricots, pineapple, prunes, kum quats, peach halves filled with cranberry-orange relish, grapes, and crab apples.

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Parade Of Fruit Tray Recipe